@gedvondur oh my partner just gave advice on how to make the cake :)

@DrWhax Ah sorry wasn't meant to be a comment on your partner! This recipe hit the rounds a few months ago.

Even make TV here and there.

@gedvondur oh my pineapple, did you try it? Was it any good?

@DrWhax I did try it. I freely admit, I'm not a huge carrot cake guy.

I'll say this: It's not too sweet, I would increase the spices and add nutmeg. However, it is wonderfully moist.

I would also not use the specified cream cheese frosting, its pretty tart and along with the not-terribly-sweet cake....wasn't the best combo.

But the base cake I think with a little spice tweak would be pretty good. Along with a sweeter frosting.

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