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Basque-Icelandic pidgin, which is primitive language that Basque whale hunters spoke with the native Icelandic, and only some words survived!

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abortion network amsterdam

If you can and want to support them financially:

NL06 INGB 0007 1702 49

Everyone has the right to abortion, their body, their choice!

#abortion #ana

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For now.. some home made crispy fries from the oven :)

Can’t wait to make some spicy Indonesian rendang this weekend :D

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In just 2 days the open hardware development platform Precursor raised half of its crowdfunding goal! We are happy to see so much attention and interest for this transparent, private and modifiable device designed by bunnie & bunniestudios -> @NGIZero is proud to fund this great project as well 🙌 ->

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✊ We are an activist IT collective who’s goal is to support all free-thinking individuals, organizations and groups striving for social change.

🛠️ In order to run our services, we need funds to pay for the operating cost of the servers on which our services run - that is, to pay for space in the data center, electricity and connectivity. That costs us several thousand crowns a month.

💶 How can you support us? 👇

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💻 Nabízíme bezpečné technologické zázemí českému aktivismu :ancomheart:

🛠️ Všechnu práci odvádíme zdarma ve volném čase.

💶 Hardware, elektřina i prostor v datacentru ale stojí peníze. Podpořte nás!

➡️ Na bank. účet 13120001/2010
➡️ Na

Celá zpráva na našem blogu:

#NoLogs #NoMasters

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I’m at the stage of the pandemic where I’m going to roll my own Qubes build for some changes I’d like today instead of in 2 years

Anyone has tips for moving a bunch of stuff from one European country to the other? I think I’m going to put most in boxes and send through the postal system as it seems to make the most sense and kinda the cheapest. Moving from Amsterdam to Lisbon :-)

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