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Sir see my header we are firmly stand with you

Because you are one of them who speaks for justice

Hope to see more Mastodon servers pop up to share the load!

If you want your server to be advertised on, check out for conditions and instructions (but please mind I won’t be able to process submissions until at least tomorrow when I get home)

It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.

@IrenaAkbar you was right

Just see here trending in india

And people are running from this reality
By just using the mastodon app


Here's a privacy tip for new Tooters.

You can choose between FOUR different privacy settings for every individual toot u post here!! Just how cool is that!? 🤩🤘

While drafting a toot, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the globe icon in the 'compose toot' window

2. Select any of these privacy settings for the toot you are composing:
🔸Public but unlisted
🔸Private n visible to ur followers only
🔸Direct (similar to Twitter DMs!)

Boost & spread word!! 💗


You guys think that if we will leave the twitter sanghis will be free on twitter

So we should only have bachup accounts here

But we must not leave the twitter


So people are asking what is boosting & what am doing.

Well simply put boost = RT

Why am I doing it? I came in early when people were moving to Mastodon so got a lot of followers. So if I boost your posts, 1.7k active folks can actually read it, this is just to help people find each other

Why am I asking for bio: fuck the influencers ,here it is purely content based so everyone is equal,no blue ticks,no nothing,so if you introduce yourself likelihood of more ppl following you

How positive people are feeling now

In this positive environment of

Some more thinking regarding :
1. This is not, and should not be allowed to become a news site.
2. Birdsite was all dominated by journalists and power brokers who had no interest in interacting with people, but just to get more reads and views.
3. Most of the verified accounts maintained elitism, and used birdsite as a PR medium.
4. After a while it became difficult for ordinary non-famous people to have a say in the whole discourse.

How can we make this platform diffrent? Suggest?

You are a Nazi:
If you directly support Nazis.
If you indirectly support Nazis.
If your actions support Nazis.
If your actions enable Nazis.
If your silence supports Nazis.

And once you are a Nazi, you are dead to me.

12.9K new users on this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look

@OpusOfAli this social media migration is a tight slap and a strong message to the Fascist and Nazis that time has changed and people are not going to take whatever the power is trying to push over them. Every toxicity and hatred has an expiry. It has an end.
This journey will be confusing, hard but worth as we are on a protest and this is a lesson to the adamant powers

The migration to Mastodon is happening because Twitter is not providing fair play. It is indifferent to the genocidal calls by its verified accounts, it toes the lines of the governments and silences the genuine voices of dissent.

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