Understand the importance of law and order.

State sanctioned killing!

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Not that I have a shred of sympathy for criminals, let alone rapists. They deserve the strictest of punishment.

But police just killing them without a fair trail is alarming. I am scared & worried.

Tomorrow it can be anyone.

Please don’t encourage extrajudicial murders.

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Encounters can never be justified!

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Many people justifying Hyderabad on my TL.


When will you ask police to encounter those Army men who were accused of mass rape in conflict zone like Kunan Poshpora (Kashmir), North East states and Tribal areas in Chattisgarh ??

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At least 7000 people have been murdered in police custody in India in the past 4 years. That's what the Govt accepts but observers say the figure could be much higher. That's 5 people being killed in custody every day. India doesn't need to learn from others. It is a pioneer. twitter.com/ShekharGupta/statu

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What an incredibly depressing, senseless and hopeless place India can be if you’re a woman. twitter.com/kanwardeepstoi/sta

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Vajpayee in speech, "Sharp and pointed stones have come out. No one can sit there. The ground has to be leveled. It has to be made fit for sitting. Arrangements for a yagya will be done, so there will be some construction." Babri Masjid was demolished the next day.

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The massacre destroyed thousands of families. Here’s a story of one Arif:
On Dec 7, youth in lotus colony got into a quarrel with 2 policemen on duty who lathi charged them. A policeman was injured. The police opened fire, shooting a boy Arif, 19.

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All of you cheer on when a rape victim with 90% burns is battling for life who was beaten, stabbed & burnt by the rape accused on the way to court hearing is conveniently forgotten. Your stinking morals was never about women it is just bl00d lust you miserable animals

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6 Dec 1992 : A mosque was illegally demolished by a terrorists mob, this bloodthirsty society celebrated and hailed rioters.

6 Dec 2019 : 4 rape accused are killed by cops in an and bloodthirsty society cheering for cops.


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The Muslim who saved a Hindu temple from a mob in Pakistan

After India's was destroyed, a mob in Lahore sought to demolish a temple.

Until Bashir Ahmad Meo intervened. Meo was not about to let anyone bring it down.


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Oh the believers ,it's time to be like a pack of wolf with a good leader or become a fierce tiger against tyrant.

Oh momin,waqt agaya hai behdiyo ki tarah jundh mein raho aur ek acha beta chuno ya khunkhar bagh(wagh) banker julmi k khilaf lado
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If you will not reject this

You will be next

And all will be target who will disagree with them or criticise them

So be ready for those

If you will not appose


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Babri Masjid demolition: December 6, 1992, a day that dwells in vileness.
A day that should never be forgotten!!!
The day Indian democracy died.

Babri Masjid was illegally bulldozed 27 years ago on this day.

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When a woman is being raped, instead of trying to save herself, she's supposed to sweetly ask the rapist to wear a condom.
This is exactly the thought process that makes India such a dangerous country for women.

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1991 - The year known for the economic transformation of India

1992 - The year known for death of secular fabric of India

1993 - The year known for the communal riots as after affects of 1992

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A political career that was built on hate with no political growth. He was sidelined by his own people.

Uski bebasi dekh kar khu$h! Hoti hai.

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Wonder why no one even interviews Advani & asks him about his thoughts on Babri Demolition?

I mean, that was the tipping point of his political career. The world should know how he feels about ruining the idea of secularism in India.

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