Oh Jesus oh god. Every time I look it gets closer.

Extremely Cursed Image 

So I was looking through my camera roll and I saw this. I took this a few months ago and looking later, I realized there was a figure in the darkness. I couldn’t figure out what that figure was. Then I saw the news yesterday. Now... I can’t escape him. I woke up last night and I looked up at 3 am and he was standing at the foot of my bed, then suddenly vanished. I am scared. Please, help.

So cool how all the new features making smartphones even more expensive are totally pointless

For some reason PragerU ads have been popping up before videos on YouTube. I’ve known this before but after watching two 5 minute ads explaining to me how communism bad corporations good, im convinced that conservatism as an ideology needs to be eradicated by any means necessary

Watch Dr. Plague absolutely FESTOON his house with SKULLS, PUMPKINS, and CROWS as he OWNS the death of summer.

I just finished the finale of The Americans, season 1. Holy shit. So good

I couldn’t stand it any longer. It needed to be done, so I pulled the trigger.

I bought Resident Evil 4 to play on my old GameCube because I love it so much and haven’t played in so very long.

Lesson 22: Varying Brushstrokes.
Title: “Forest Path”
Colors: Titanium and Unbleached Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Mars Black, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange, Cobalt Blue.
I do like the brush strokes on this one. I intentionally did it quickly to try to see the difference. Also, I hope you’re all prepared for some Halloween music because it is Halloween season.

So we’re really doing this now? Talking about dads? I can’t talk to my dad about anything meaningful because anyone with politics to the left of his (he being a tea-partier) is immoral and wrong. Well guess what dad, your son is a mf communist but you’ll never know that or what I value because you are too emotionally detached to be able to have a conversation about anything other than the weather.

Lesson 21: Using Expressive Strokes.
Titled “Thanks, I Hate It!”
Colors: Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Medium, Titanium and Unbleached Titanium White, Mars Black, and Cobalt Blue.
The title says it all. But I’ll post my art, even if it’s terrible. This is a service I do for you. .

Don’t mind me. Just going to the Elder God’s store to buy some Yog Sothoth brand yogurt

a lot of people are reporting they got purged from the rolls in NY. Democracy is a pretty low priority for our democracy

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