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I make weekly let's plays of simulation, management, and survival games for your viewing pleasure:

I think I found my new favorite genre of book. Trans gay fantasy romance. 💙

The sudden urge to stop seeing my female name every time I login to something. <_<

You'd think people who use online environments would have better reading comprehension.

I can't wait for the Russian artists to finish Endwalker.

If you ever wanted to understand why someone would run Linux, this video gives pretty good reasons that have nothing to do with being a developer.

Lol, the Epic Games Store finally has... a shopping cart. 😂

My FFXIV MC is hot but I don't have the screenshot skills to make him justice. :(

MMO launches are great because you won't play the game but you'll enjoy everyone's jokes about the login errors!

Had to uninstall RimWorld. I wanna play other games but end up defaulting to it!

Gave ESO a go. Decided to visit Vaardenfel first and wow it's like getting smacked straight back to 2004 but in high fidelity!

Arcane is amazing and my bissexual ass is squealing.

Just got a bike. About to become obnoxiously anti-car now mwahahah.

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