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I make weekly let's plays of simulation, management, and survival games for your viewing pleasure:

The Old Guard is a good movie, can't wait for a second one.

“It’s important to recognize that the marketing that happens inside of these companies, assuring workers that what they’re doing is good and that their surveillance program is used for disaster relief and not drone targeting, for instance, is much like the marketing targeted at the public,” [Meredith Whittaker] said.

Let your community members show their with my discord-ready pride emoji! Pay what you can and share:

Hi ! I rarely see video content creators in this but here it goes. I'm Alex, a trans man from Portugal! I do let's plays of indie simulation and management games on Linux!

My search skills are failing me. Is there a way to see, in-game, which recipes I've discovered? I thought the tutorial message said something about it, but I can't find it.

Thank you so much to my Patrons for making my channel possible. Join them:

Triggers for IBS include:
- Being alive
- Doing things

Please try to avoid them!

Decided to color this dragon like a 5 year old while picking colors. Kinda like it, ngl 😂

After the mechanoid raid comes the cleanup. We are getting our power back and planning the future of the base.

Corona AI Is 30% done! Help the world while you sleep by installing DreamLab for both android and iOS.

What do you mean it's harder to art without consistent practice? 🤔

We have barely recovered from the mechanoid attack when a new threat, a mech cluster, comes to our colony.

Pride hearts! For your discord servers or whatever other purpose you wanna give them:

I thought I wasn't getting much from using the liquorix kernel on Mint. Then I rendered a video. From 1 hour average to 20 minutes. Yeah, I'll take it.

This is powerful but also a hard listen. Only give it a go if you can handle Nazi rhetoric.

We deal with a few housekeeping tasks, prepare our colonists for battle and get to immediately test new armor on a mechanoid raid!

It sounds like I'm nostalgic for an old internet when everything was complicated but really I'm just nostalgic for an internet by the people for the people.

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