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I make weekly let's plays of simulation, management, and survival games for your viewing pleasure:

The best place to get news and updates about the channel is the Discord! Come discuss games with people:

Geared Up | Let's Play Forager - Part 05

It's interesting that we can get boots and gloves in this game but no shirts or pants. Marshmallow person is naked, is what I'm saying.

Busy Bees | Let's Play Equilinox - Part 15

As our ecosystems expand it's time to get deeper into insects. Bees, flies, and plenty of fungi!

What's it like to live with people who aren't constantly putting you down?

I'll be starting a new in a zelda themed journal! I've been excited for this since I bought it around xmas time. :D

: When writing your minimum system requirements, spell out the presets used! Like, for example, "720p, low graphics, 30 FPS". It really helps set expectations.

It annoys me that I can't "ok Google" while my phone screen is off to interact with Google Assistant, despite having all permissions and functionality turned on, like I used to with my Nexus 5. 🙁

Really? In my rice?! | Let's Play Rimworld - Part 34

A pause in threats means it's a good time to upgrade our defenses. Just in time for a psychic ship. 🤦‍♂️

I've finally had well-made homemade brownies and omg.

modders, please add the latest version of the game your mod has been tested with. It makes it easier to check if a mod has been updated.

I wanted to do a First Taste of since it's free this weekend but it turns out my graphics card can barely pull 30 FPS on low and this is while not recording. 😬 Spare a dollar?

This just hammers home that trans people come in all shapes and colors!

Graveyard Rush | Let's Play Forager - Part 04

After getting all the upgrades I can one thing becomes clear: I'm going to need bones. So time to get the graveyard biome unlocked!

Okay , two non-spoiler feedbacks: There's a hotkey to swim down and the skyscale should use it, and the collections need better hints.

Thank you for that, Just... Thank you. 💙

What's with people who love games not being very good at them? I'm including myself here.

Going live soon with !

There's a big update and I want to explore it. Anyone with experience around to help me out?

Retweets appreciated. 💙

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