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I make weekly let's plays of simulation, management, and survival games for your viewing pleasure:

Arthas' storyline, but as a TV series filmed like a period drama.

Persona Core and Devilstand | Let's Play Rimworld - Part 43

After many attempts we finally get our best chance to grab an AI Persona Core and to upgrade our Devilstrand production area!

πŸ€” I didn't know you were for sale!

Wolfy the Balloon | Let's Play Forager - Part 11

Lets meet Wolfy the balloon the drone and capture some bugs!

Working a month in a call center was enough to make me more confident on the phone and to give me the habit of hanging my headset on the monitor. πŸ˜“

I miss not having to fight with my brain to actually play good games.

Me: Lets play The Witcher 3, we've been waiting years to be able to and now we can!

Brain: Or we could play the same games we've been playing for the past two years.

Me: Bu-

Brain: We're doing it.

Get a Room! | Let's Play Oxygen Not Included - Part 02

Even though we're on a flat plane, no one wants to see other people poop.

I know it's in game, give it to me! 😑

Wow the official discord linux server oozes arrogance. Yuck!

Advanced Resources | Let's Play Rimworld - Part 42

Gold, plasteel, and advanced components are the resources we need now. They might be rare, but we have options! Hey, support is taking a good while to get back to me! What kind of logs and stuff should I get ready? I'm trying to fix an issue with the video freezing.

Upgrades and Bundles | Let's Play Forager - Part 10

Sometimes resources coalesce together to give us fast progress! It allows us to uncover a new mechanic: the museum!

Checking this out, if I like it expect an overview video. πŸ‘€ via

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