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Hey, your discord invite link says it's invalid.

Status update for the month of August! If you're curious as to how the channel is doing, this is where you get a look. 👀

I want a massive action RPG, like Witcher or Horizon, with survival elements, where you play as a dragon.

Thank you, Roxy, for becoming a $1 Patron! 💙 If you'd like to join them you can do so at

Don't Drink the Yellow Water | Let's Play Oxygen Not Included - Part 01

Welcome to a new series! This one has been requested and voted for, so it's time to dig in and uh... fail miserably.

I am a professional comic artist, very serious at my work

Exhibit A

Trip to Nowhere | Let's Play Rimworld - Part 41

Despite all of our preparations to fulfill a trade... well. But it seems that Cassandra isn't going to leave us hanging and another opportunity quickly comes along.

For some reason Preview doesn't like Google form links. O.o

I thought nvenc was making my footage darker but no, turns out it's just how xplayer displays it. VLC is fine.

At some point I should just move everything from Dropbox to Google Drive but ugh, lazy.

Time to give another go.

Pet peeve: people SELLING commercial software but asking the community for free translation. Translation is a skill, just like programming, asset creation, writing, and marketing. Don't see people asking their community to do that for free!

Disks asking me dumb questions so now my USB drive is called ISO Deliverer.

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