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instance waffling 

@Dragonite if I do, should I continue to try to nab a canon handle like Dragonite or should I just go with NeckbeardedDragon for brand familiarity

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instance waffling 


I should probably hop over to snouts sooner rather than later, eh. I bet the local timeline is better over there.

NSFW joke 

regular yoshi:
- eats people, turns them into eggs, and throws their eggs at people without consent

:fatyoshi: :
- always sends fuck requests, never fuck demands

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regular yoshi:
- eats everything, still a twink
- commits tax fraud
:fatyoshi: :
- chill, round, soft
- always does their taxes properly and on time

my brand of humor is just replying "cw horny" to things that are, in actually, not horny, but could be construed as such.

found out that Panera wifi blocks furaffinity, which, I guess I understand, but also, some people use that website for business so it kinda sucks to do that imo

"ah, my birdsite following number is a triple repeating digit. this is pleasi-"

*realizes it's the Nazi number*

"I need to find 2 or more accounts to follow immediately"

mastodon is starting to remind me of my early days on birdsite where I actually had the capability to fully catch up with my timeline before I followed 800 people

employment, food (-) 

work continues to be a fuckin nightmare, we ran out of sugar (which is in and of itself a huge fuckin deal, because with our old boss we NEVER completely ran out of shit like this) and my co-worker keeps subbing in stevia without even asking people if they want it. just watched an entire family pass around a kid's drink tasting it, probably because it had stevia and tasted like shit!! but they didn't say anything so I can't do anything.

radio at work today has played:
- Rick Astley - together forever
- Corona - rhythm of the night
- Haddaway - what is love

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