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the hardest part about working out is finding something to listen to for the work out hmmm

Here's a slightly revised CIDR list that seems to cover all the IPs used by the spammers so far:


(some CIDRs are redundant because they're from different sources)

Hopefully that'll do for now.


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the music for Strange Journey is so beautiful qvq

v2.4.0 is 🎉 finally out! 🎉


The changelog is long, but here are some highlights:

- Better offline support
- DMs column
- New profile options
- Hide who you follow if you want
- 120% better report UI for mods
- Narrower privacy policy!
- High contrast theme
- Web Push API opened up to app developers! Easy push notifications possible in all apps now
- Performance improvements
- Various fixes and improvements 😋

tl;dr: I feel like i'm too old to not know what to do with my life

One thing is for certain: I don't want to keep working for/with my parents and I don't want to own the family business either.
and it's a very difficult decision.
On one hand, I don't want to disappoint my family or let this small business die out.

But on the other hand

I don't have much of a passion for it? (and i'm one of those people who believes for someone to run a small business like this, you need to have some genuine passion for it.)
a lot of this could be me thinking to naively tho.

But also, I don't really know what I want to do with my art at all. I don't really have a goal other than "I want to keep drawing" and... idk where to go from there.

There's still my business degree that i'll probably (?) go back to school for (even though I don't like it.... lol... ) but like.... I don't have a direction I want to go

I'm still thinking really hard about what I want to do in my future regarding my art.
I love drawing! I love painting!
I don't know how to apply those skills for a job.
I know i can try and work my way to an industry job (maybe?) but I don't really have formal training nor a good secondary skill for that sort of thing.

And then there's freelance that
sounds so appealing
but financially, it sounds like an uphill battle.

verizon owns huffington post and tumblr now, so that's bad

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Netflix- Evil Genius Show more

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this might be a little mean/ my cousin got married Show more

Card wallets got here in time ^o^

and we have an improved beetle! the other one was a pretty big failure in brush experimentation :) #krita #mastoart #digitalart #digitalpainting #sketch

"Stay with me" [Nier Automata]

re-inked and colored this piece from earlier this year

#art #mastoart #fanart #nier

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Thinking abt portfolios Show more