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Paying bills/rent
more like
goodbye $1450
:blobugh: :blobugh: :blobugh:

oops didn't use a big enough pan lol
Also, turned one if the loaves into a paw 🐾

A combination of things has been slowing down my productivity but heyyyy I made time this week to reflect once again that #warcraft armor is ridiculous ;)

#art #wip #mastoart #creativetoots #nightelf #worldofwarcraft

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Greetings, honoured GHOULS AND GOBBOS! I thought it would be nice to do a small raffle to celebrate my followers!

You have a chance to win a bust portrait of your OC, in a style similar to the images below - *you must provide appropriate references*! If you're a follower and you boost this status, I'll count it as an entry!

I'll announce the winner on *March 7th*. Have fun! 📣

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Fella's. @Mainebot wrote this blog post for the Mastodon blog: medium.com/tootsuite/this-isnt It'd be cool to have it shared around. Especially if you still got a presence on other social media

Just asking because I'm curious, from the icon comm's I have been posting here, would anyone be interested in one of those simple headshot icons for 12 USD?
Here's the two latest examples (second one is for myself lol)

god there are parts of this painting i really like but in general.... i'm just not feeling it?

i don't want to start over but
i think i might just have to

godi woke up so late and now i need to eat breakfast at noon lol

I should be cooking but i don't want tooooooo

sandwhich for dinner it is

Store updated with a limited quantity of memos, hand mirrors and diy shelves— RTs appreciated, thank you v much!


I'm thinking about opening comissions (probably only portraits and waist-up paintings) again
so I can have the funds ready for moving out u.u
I have some saved up now
i'm not 100% sure i can rely on my sister for the rest of the money
so I want to have extra
just in case u.u

Ahhh, clip studio paint is on sale! I can't recommend it enough.

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