Halos lightin' up. Volume 5 Chapter 14 page 64. Thank you to the backers and High Resolution heroes for keeping the series progressing! patreon.com/posts/v5-page-64-2

Mace and Whip, overlooking a windswept horizon. I like this one quite a lot, will probably do a color version for the Prelude Collection 2 when it's time.

This drawing was made as rewards during the Whip Plush campaign.

Huggable Whips, books, inspiring music, and the rest available from Vivid: dreamkeeperscomic.com/Store.ht

Kicking off the weekend right! Lawn mowed, time to draw some comics. Here's some doodle art from an old Chat 'n Sketch.

Justice has no ceiling. If any High Resolution backers use their file to clip telegram stickers or whatnot, have fun! Link here: patreon.com/posts/high-res-pre

Spellchecking complete, Vivid Publishing check in the mail. Skirmish Strategy Guide is printing! First editions will be a highly limited run. Anyone lacking their copy of Skirmish, you can check it out here: dreamkeeperscomic.com/skirmish

Commenters don't know what to say, but Nainso saw this coming 40 pages ago. Latest Volume 5 page: patreon.com/posts/v5-page-63-2

Also live on our Patreon alternatives: www.darkmarketcrypto.com/

“Vampire Holidays” is the latest title from Vivid Publishing. Read the first installment for free via e-book:


Which, Angel or Normal, any accountant can verify is an optimal value proposition. Subsequent holidays will track the romance and intrigue as it unfolds, for a modest entry into the ledger. Look forward to Chapter 2, coming this July 4th.

Science continues. An unfinished Tinsel sketch, versus yesterday's fully rendered landscape. Which art will emerge victorious?
Let the Internet proceed to calculate the result.

What's more evocative- a fully rendered landscape, or sketchy boobies?

Let's test. Today I'm sharing a piece of background art intended for the Dreamkeepers sidescroller video game. Tomorrow I'll share a commissioned sketch for a Tinsel daki. (I think they've both been shared on Patreon already.)

Any scientists in the audience may then analyze the data- although, of course, we intend to fuse the appeal of landscapes and sketchy things in Dreamkeepers comics and games.

You're invited! Best coffee in Michigan tonight at Agua Dulce, we're doing a book signing / Skirmish game demo, for the local Art Crawl. 6-9pm, swing by and say hi. Downtown Monroe: aguadulcecafe.com/

Bad news in the last panel this week. New backers, catch up- download Chapter 13 here: patreon.com/posts/chapter-13-p

Read page 62 here: patreon.com/posts/v5-page-62-2

Thank you to the heroes willing to spend $1 to support the work, and to everyone who reads & enjoys it.

If you're too hot, stare at this until the problem is corrected. Commissioned OC for a Patreon backer- enjoy, and stay cool this summer.

Prelude-age Vi indulging in a secret hobby. Catch her first appearance in Dreamkeepers here: dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude.

Drawing from the Plush campaign, hosted to Patreon awhile back.

Sometimes things explode. High resolution backers, peel back the layers in the photoshop file: patreon.com/posts/high-resolut

Vi rocking a Troika-issue Mk. III springer rifle. Initial concept. Commanding Vote backers ordered up full color, and it's rocking today: patreon.com/posts/vi-mk-iii-cy

Backers-only at present, but we have something public in the pipeline.

Back from a wedding, and posting this week's Prelude: dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude. She's the hero we need, in her imagination. Thank you to the backers keeping the comic rolling.

Page 60 pops with a bang. This week's Volume 5 update, catch it on Patreon, or our portfolio of alternatives:



Sample of the upcoming Vi animation. Hand-drawn gun rotation, it just needed a little heft in the cycle. This, and more Couchcon news here: patreon.com/posts/july-couchco

No plan survives contact with the enemy- but the idea is to make sure the enemy doesn't survive, either. Page 59 live on Patreon, or one of our other options, for $1 a month:

Ready or not, summer beckons. Art of some fabulous OCs from Patreon- we'll be opening up new slots during Couchcon, this July. Stay in the loop with our newsletter: dreamkeeperscomic.com/EmailNew
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