Enticing direction for a Dreamkeepers commission- young Ravat. Done on Patreon a few months back.

Backers-only content available there, or through Dark Market:

Commission raffle happening for anyone backs Dreamkeepers via Dark Market during January!

Whether through Zerostrings, crypto, or Subscribestar, it all enters you into the raffle.

Update week for Prelude- It's not quite flying, but close!

Also, we'll be missing you Anthrocon 2019. The dealer's room is now curated, and this year the staff's interests lie elsewhere. But we plan to launch a contest for readers attending the convention, so stay tuned as we formulate the prizes and details. Fun cannot be stopped!

Adventure awaits- the latest Volume 5 update. Available on Patreon patreon.com/posts/v5-chapter-1

And to Dark Market backers at the end of the month. www.darkmarketcrypto.com


Jordan Peterson was too slow- we've launched our own Patreon alternative! Censorship-proof.

Now accepting Bitcoin and credit cards.

Final page! Volume 4 is now fully hosted- share with a good friend:


Volume 4 high-res downloads and books (including bonus lore notations and production notes) are available now from Vivid Publishing.


Thanks to everyone for reading with us- thrilled you're enjoying the series, we're working hard to make Volume 5 a book for the ages.

Launching today, Vivid's own Patreon Alternative:   Dark Market.  www.darkmarketcrypto.com  Our response to the and financial assault against Subscribestar and other platforms.   

...But they can't stop Dark Market.  

Includes @Dreamkeepers Coevus Publishing @Boneitis @DireWolfMedia and their new service, Zero Strings.  

Adding special effects to polish off my weekend Volume 5 work, then I'll be launching Vivid's Patreon alternative later today. Even without the help of Jordan Peterson.

Bobby enjoying a cool shower- gotta clean up after fighting Nightmares.

Commission posted awhile back on Patreon, trying to catch up on sharing our art! Back us on www.patreon.com/Dreamkeepers or, coming soon, Dark Market www.darkmarketcrypto.com/

You can't say he doesn't put the effort in.

On a side note, finally getting to show off an Anduruna fogstorm- in the distance, but still. I've had them in mind for a long while, various features make them another unique Dreamworld phenomenon.

Those waiting on a Patreon alternative, your wait is nearly over! www.darkmarketcrypto.com INB4 Dave Rubin.

dreamkeeperscomic.com/GNSaga.p The ultimate assassin returns. If you were summoning the Mokoi- presuming you were that kind of person, of course! Who would you send it after?

Posted to Patreon awhile back- pants are a privilege, not a right! Quick swatch for Anise and Sage, characters from the Dreamkeepers graphic novel series and Prelude webcomic. dreamkeeperscomic.com

some Volume 5 coloring (No major spoilers on this page, more like teasers) with @Boneitis in "The Snake Pit," ETA 10 minutes: stream.me/multistream/THE-SNAK

Prelude time! dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude. In a genuine predicament, where everyone else is talking and doing nothing, Vanth decides to hop her way towards a solution.

On a totally. absolutely 100% unrelated note, check out our latest newsletter:

Anyone prepping for Vivid's alternative, we don't reccomend using @Coinbase. @UpholdInc or @bisq_network are better. T-minus two weeks 'til launch.

Thurs. night stream in a few minutes- stream.me/Dreamkeepers Covering some questions from the backers, and a brief tutorial on drawing circles in perspective.

This week's volume 5 update- High Resolution backers will be able to find an extra layer in the PSD, and see just what Vi is up to.


Also- BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AHEAD. If you want to be ready for the Patreon alternative, prep for crypto. uphold.com/

Posting an old commission to usher in the New Year. Our 2018 recap and 2019 plans are here- spoiler, Vivid Publishing will be unlocking crypto: vividstuff.blogspot.com/2018/1

Ravat summons heavy-hitting trouble while Scuttles plays armchair minion in the latest Volume 4 update from Vivid Publishing. dreamkeeperscomic.com/GNSaga.p
Read free at dreamkeeperscomic.com, or use the free Android app.

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