A commission from the Monroe Pop Fest, a continuation of Vi stripping, now joined on stage by the Indigo twins. PopFest is one of the best-kept secrets for scoring commissions from us!

This week's Prelude update- negotations ensue, and the resulting TITANIUM GRADE friendship heads into the unknown: dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude.
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That thieving vulture has done it again, and landed the three of them in hot water! Let's hope the D20 is kind to these adventurers- commission for the delightful Relaxing Dragon at Furry Migration this past weekend.

Tired of hanging around home? See us at in Minneapolis this weekend! Dave & Liz will be joining forces with Boneitis for a table of art from vivid to tantalizing- along with a brand new tableside game.

Also appearing, this bookmark featuring Mace in one of his typical Prelude misadventures. If you've read the comic, you know what's on the other side of that dock pylon. dreamkeeperscomic.com/Comic.ht

One gorgeous page after another- Fae can only yell so loud!
Posted for backers on Patreon- OR, for those otherwise inclined, Dreamkeepers is live on an underground network of alternatives, with the same content blow-for-blow.

Another then 'n now for Viriathus- Prelude vs Graphic novel saga age. (Ammunition makes anyone look more mature.)

While Disney exhumes corpses to play with in an endless grotesque corporate cycle, enjoy something fresh, authentic & free from Vivid: dreamkeeperscomic.com/Comic.ht

He did grow a little! Mace in Prelude vs the Graphic Novel Series. dreamkeeperscomic.com/Comic.ht Working today on the rules / prizes for the October Halloween Fanart contest, and the November Fanfiction contest.

Boy is he excited! Join the safe totally-not-a-slaughterhouse party with the backers: patreon.com/posts/volume-5-cha And for the cabin-inclined Patreon averse, snag the same loot on an alternative of your choice: darkmarketcrypto.com/ Vivid has your counterculture needs covered.

Bobby got his out of the way early. dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude. Another commission idea that was a real hit. If you know anyone who needs a visit from Vi, sharing is caring.

Plus new channel & chatroom up for Dreamkeepers: t.me/dreamkeeperscomic

Vi reacts to discovering the internet's R34 stash regarding her. Commission from a convention awhile back- lots of new dates in our fall schedule, updates here: dreamkeeperscomic.com/News.htm

Guess what Harmony says in the comments: Winner gets 3 dopamines. Catch the real dialogue in this week's Prelude update, on the Dreamkeepers official site or using the free customizable mobile app:

Recent Volume 5 pages don't quite show a typical Fallguard game experience... If you want to understand the most popular sport in Anduruna, use this handy guide instead!

One noble mage is all that stands between the indomitable fury of nature, and a village built on the wrong side of 'Tornado Hill.'

These days, ALGORITHMS are the new destructive force. Whether on facebook or twitter, the creators you love are being blasted away under a gale of corporate ads.

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This week's Volume 5 update- the Fallguard Game doesn't conclude just the way the stadium was expecting: patreon.com/posts/volume-5-cha

Any sophisticated person properly trained in firearms knows it is silly to dual-wield pistols. AND THEN THERE'S KALEI. She has plans for those guns- cast intro here: dreamkeeperscomic.com/cast.php

Power Up. More art from Patreon- matches today's mood! (See journal for details deviantart.com/dreamkeepers/jo )

Read about Vi in the comic, or play her Leader Hero deck in Skirmish. dreamkeeperscomic.com/home.htm

Happy times are HeRE toO sTAy in this week's Volume 5 update. patreon.com/posts/volume-5-pag Or catch it in the cyberpunk underground from www.darkmarketcrypto.com Page 72? How many pages are comics supposed to have again...

This week's Prelude update! dreamkeeperscomic.com/Prelude. Sorry for the delay, setting up our replacement workstation complicated things a bit. But the battle is won- full steam ahead.

Keeping up despite an exploded laptop- but as this week's Volume 5 page reminds me, there are worse misfortunes. Thank you to our backers for keeping the series they love alive! Join for a dollar a month and catch page 71 here: patreon.com/posts/v5-page-71-2

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