Any sophisticated person properly trained in firearms knows it is silly to dual-wield pistols. AND THEN THERE'S KALEI. She has plans for those guns- cast intro here:

Power Up. More art from Patreon- matches today's mood! (See journal for details )

Read about Vi in the comic, or play her Leader Hero deck in Skirmish.

Happy times are HeRE toO sTAy in this week's Volume 5 update. Or catch it in the cyberpunk underground from Page 72? How many pages are comics supposed to have again...

This week's Prelude update! Sorry for the delay, setting up our replacement workstation complicated things a bit. But the battle is won- full steam ahead.

Keeping up despite an exploded laptop- but as this week's Volume 5 page reminds me, there are worse misfortunes. Thank you to our backers for keeping the series they love alive! Join for a dollar a month and catch page 71 here:

Wave 2 merchandise is ready to rock! Campaign backers, more details here:
Silky smooth matte-finish Strategy Guides, holo-foil plus-sized Leader Hero cards, handcrafted figurines, and more will be on the way soon. Thank you everyone for hanging in there with us, happy to be delivering.

From Tinsel's deck in the 'Ruthless' Skirmish expansion. Learn more about the game here- And read Stiletto's first appearance, in Dreamkeepers Volume 3:

Ravat / Scuttles combo versus a small part of Scinter's deck. This game of Skirmish did not start out balanced.

Seeing this page fresh, the seething masses of monsters came out looking quite pretty.

Not too late to kick off the weekend- Vanth is free, and exploring a whole new world of excitement and decay! Until reality catches up to her.
Enjoy it on our site, or with the free mobile app: Now with fresh skins.

Vanth as a literal flapper- looks like a fun time! Commission from awhile back, Vanth is featured in the graphic novel saga, and has an arc in the Prelude webcomic.

Fantastic flyer, this fellow came from an older Patreon commission. He's reappearing in new Couchcon art, full performance splendor- coloring that one today.

Vi doesn't know what to think- this week's Volume 5 update is live. Thank you to the backers making it happen!

Harmony's hurry escalates in this week's Prelude- check it out on our website, or using the free mobile reading app:

If using the app, you owe it to yourself to explore the different skins and choose your favorite. I hear there's some new ones available.

Vi enters the fray in this week's Volume 5 page. Catch it on Patreon or one of our alternatives: Subversive, immersive, enticing, inviting. Vivid!

Make your characters distinct and memorable with these simple design fundamentals. Join David in learning about . Another panel streamed from

Vivid presents another Couchcon panel, with the award-winning author of the Wayward Astronomer. What's the difference between a hated blockbuster hit and a gem that readers will cherish forever?

You can't find it at Anthrocon 2019 - but you can dive into the tabletop gaming action with Skirmish, available this weekend from Couchcon: Art from the game featured here. Next panel comin' up at 8:00- Character Design.

Sneak peek of some VIVID VAULT loot. It'll be free at - but locked inside an impervious case! Defeat the challenges: Then you, and 19 friends, can divide the spoils.

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