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Writing a story is easy! ...Unless you want others to read it. Then it's tougher. Tonight I'll be talking about story, and one of the most basic building blocks that writers don't often cover: Scene construction. on in 15 minutes.

Happy Mother's Day! Commission for Sapphire from Anthrocon 2014.
Anthrocon declined us this year, but commissions will be available online at Vivid Publishing's Couchcon- join the newsletter for updates.

Catching up on e-mails, and hey, people have been buyin' shirts and books and stuff. Thank you! Clearly a discerning audience. Pic attached from the last 'Sketching with Dave' stream.

Contemplation below a starscape of risk.

I tried to pull in some major use of negative space, and I think this approach helps the landscape outside the windows pop nicely. This week's Prelude! High resolution backers, your PSD file awaits:

Blinding light, razor attacks, and where to go when you're trapped between a rock and a hard place. This week's Chapter 14 page.

What does a dragon snipe? OC art from the Skirmish game. Just finished the Strategy Guide! Deluxe boxed editions back in stock here: vivid-publishing.mybigcommerce

Now back to Volume 5 pages, update coming Wednesday.

Our latest article, trending again on Bleeding Fool. This one covers the truth behind the "Altfurry Blocklist."

Victim testimonials are hands-down the best part of the piece, some of them floored me:

I couldn't cover everyone- if you know of a person wrongfully targeted by this list, mention them in the article's comment section.

Commenters say this one was brutal. Catch (Or dodge?) this week's Volume 5 page on your platform of choice:

Dark Market backers, your April rewards are coming this evening.

Nearly done with the character pages in the Skirmish Strategy Guide (The first licensed Dreamkeepers tabletop game

A quiet moment can mean a lot. We're just lucky Igrath happened to be pointing the right direction this time around! Last week's Vote Incentive, a new one up now:

The Monthly Vivid Poll brings us some animated Vi action for April:

Backers enjoy on Patreon, or if you don't like that platform, NewProject2 gives us better rates:

It's in our posting queue to share with the public eventually. I'm hoping we'll have the opportunity to add color & finishing effects to this, but it was great to try out some new techniques regardless.

Vanth forgot her backpack, and also to develop a good alibi. Or any alibi. This week's Prelude update:

Enjoy on our free mobile app, which has successfully clawed its way back into the Google Playstore:

Backers, bullets are flyin' in this week's Volume 5 update:

Blog for the VIVID VAULT contest coming soon, Couchcon stragglers I'm e-mailing tomorrow, Skirmish Strategy Guide in the works, and I'm also animating some Vi today.

The team at Dire Wolf media hired us to create an animated intro to their show. Traditional animation drawn on paper, the old fashioned way. Felt great to have an opportunity to dust off the old techniques.

Check out Dire Wolf media here, and enjoy some videos:

Magnificent news! The EPF devs have delivered text for the Strategy Guide / Art Book, and we are in production. It's going fast.

Troika Hero pages will be finished today, Nightmares next week, and printing soon after. This is going to be a pretty book.

If anyone still needs their copy of Skirmish, we unlocked a crate for Couchcon so some are in stock: vivid-publishing.mybigcommerce

Putting this Guide together makes me want to play.

Sibu leaping into action for the CCA- a Dreamkeepers commission we posted to Patreon awhile back. Love this OC, it's always a treat when we get to draw her.

Liz put together a video featuring her recent work with fully articulated Plush- here's Vi, with a variety of costuming / expression changes.

Motor City Fur Con and Couchcon had me hopping this week- so have a belated vote incentive! New one up now. High Resolution backers, your 4K version coming in a few minutes.

Dreamkeepers Volume 5 Chapter 14, action heats up. $1-a-month backers, thank you for keeping us working! Read on Patreon or your platform of choice:

New backers, catch up on Chapter 13 with a fresh download:

Thank you everyone! We had a blast meeting folks at Motor City Furry Con, it was a good weekend for us. But we made even MORE through Couchcon sales. Couchcon is closed now, but will be returning bigger and funner July 4th.

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