NB: Back in 2013, Evo Morales’ plane was stopped in Austria, and rejected from flying in French and Portuguese airspace, on the orders of the USA government, who falsely thought that NSA whistleblower was on board.

Here is a tweet from my Twitter handle @Katya_Compass
The linked article is truly enlightening!
" appearing in a 2015 issue of Azov Battalion’s official magazine, “Black Sun”.
is a real journalist. His gun is the Truth. Pratsevich is a neo-nazi. Look at *his* guns."

Prime slime ball, not just a Prime minister!
Boris Johnson is outraged at treatment of journalist!
The stupidity and hypocrisy is outstanding!

Here is my tweet to Wimpy Corbyn!
Jeremy Corbyn, compare with previous wimpy tweets on and do a gusty one: "The kidnapping of a journalist asylee from the Ecuadorian embassy sets a dangerous & worrying precedent. The UK should release , return all his belongings immediately & guarantee his future safety."

«Πρώτο Θέμα» και Γιάννης Λοβέρδος διαστρέβλωσαν στοιχεία έρευνας και μοίρασαν fake news ift.tt/2RJ3NGU

But the Ghetto proved to be rebellious and unwilling to live under conditions of strangulation, isolation, starvation and economic collapse. electronicintifada.net/content

I wish celebrities would save themselves the embarrassment of multiple political blunders (followed by multiple contradicting apologies). Hollywood is pro-Israel. is not a game, it's a 73-year !
The show must NOT go on!

Which of Mark Ruffalo's reflections made him decide that this was an Israel/Hamas fight? has been genociding for 73 years (from before Hamas' inception). Ruffalo's apology should've been better worded by his agent/manager/studio. Not a good look🙄

Arms trade: Which countries and companies are selling weapons to Israel?

This explains support for by @vonderleyen @POTUS et al.
Workers in the US, Germany, Italy, UK, Canada must sabotage all weapons in their respective countries, to disarm .
! Fight your elites who are complicit!

’s torture by Israeli occupiers & how residents try to survive under siege. Vital background to what’s happening now!

@vonderleyen @UNICEF @who @IntlCrimCourt @un @coe

@Dancohen3000 & @MaxBlumenthal have made their film “Killing Gaza” freely available. Captures Gaza’s torture by Israeli occupiers & how residents try to survive under siege. Vital background to what’s happening now, can’t recommend enough.
(Correct link): youtu.be/XfDMXrcYw2I

War, disruption of food supplies and of other necessities of life, huge rise in prices, falling consumption and widespread hunger spread epidemics towards the end of WWI. The flu of 1918-19 is reliably believed to have killed 20M Europeans and probably 100M worldwide.

.@UKLabour, which right from its inception has been, is now, and will always be a bourgeois labour party, representing the interests of British imperialism and the upper sections of the working class and the petty bourgeoisie.
move to @WorkersPartyGB

Marxism-Leninism teaches that it is impossible to eliminate war without overthrowing imperialism, for as long as imperialism lasts, wars are inevitable.

“Imperialism,” said Lenin, ” has put the fate of European civilisation at stake: this war, if there does not follow a series of successful revolutions, will soon be followed by other wars; the fable of the ‘last war’ is an empty, harmful fable, a philistine ‘myth’

Lenin: “Socialists always side with the oppressed ” and “any socialist would wish the oppressed, dependent and unequal states victory over the oppressor, slave-holding and predatory ‘Great’ Powers”. from

Lavazza (la marque de café) menace de retirer sa publicité à l'équipe de foot Arsenal (GB) après qu'un joueur de l'équipe, ElNeny, a déclaré "mon coeur, mon âme, mon soutien à toi Palestine"

What's Going On In Israel?
Moment Of Clarity
Lee Camp with Ariel Gold
Gaza IS an open air prison
The US must #StopSubsidizingIsrael's apartheid, forced evictions in Jerusalem & ethic cleansing

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