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Bollywood has been stereotyping Muslims for ages ,in the past it was done subtly but now it is more gross & loud .These stereotypes need to be challenged before it’s too late .
And NO just sharing biryani or shayaris is not going to help in countering the hate !

Olivia Colman is good as the older queen but Iam missing Claire Foy ,she has a distinctive demeanour !

Happy Mens Day to all good Men on SM who don't use this platform to abuse women ,who spread positivity ,support us & speak on women issues !

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“I Am Very Nervous,” Amol Palekar On Acting On Stage After 25 Years.

Veteran actor, filmmaker and painter Amol Palekar turns 75 on 25 Nov. this year and he’s celebrating it by getting back on stage to act in a play after a hiatus of 25 long years. The play, titled Kusur (The Mistake) brought to the Indian audience by BookMyShow, has been adapted by writer Sandhya Gokhale and its first show will be staged at the NCPA in Mumbai on Palekar’s 75th birthday.


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This isn't Twitter.
Don't try make it.
You belong to human race.
EVOLVE buddies!

JNU students have shown more grit & determination in their fight for justice than political parties & this seems to have rattled the establishment a lot !!

Can’t stop living your life because others are envious about your life

Someday, somewhere - anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.
~ Pablo Neruda

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A friend and I were helping people to file a case in one of the courts of law. They were wronged and lost a lot.

Somehow, some funds were raised after which we approached a noted lawyer. He seemed sympathetic. He to listened us. Said it was a matter of justice.

After a few minutes, he raised points pertaining to relevant laws and how they could be used in the case.

He then asked for an exorbitant sum. I will never forget what he said next.

He said: "That is the price of justice".

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I'm tired of chasing my dreams.
I'm just going to ask them where they are going and meet them there later.

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When hearts can't sing, minds become Philosopher — Khalil Gibran

Little gestures mean more than words 😊

Keh raha hai shor-e-dariya se Samundar ka sukut
Jis ka jitna zarf hai utna hi vo Khamosh hai

As a child I believed in magic and miracles

Never let the child in you to perish

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