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I'm tired of chasing my dreams.
I'm just going to ask them where they are going and meet them there later.

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When hearts can't sing, minds become Philosopher — Khalil Gibran

Little gestures mean more than words 😊

Keh raha hai shor-e-dariya se Samundar ka sukut
Jis ka jitna zarf hai utna hi vo Khamosh hai

As a child I believed in magic and miracles

Never let the child in you to perish

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I look at people sometimes and wonder...

"For real? That's the sperm that won?"

The ones who apologise (even before it’s demanded ) are the bestest 👌🏻!

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In 1498, a man named Vasco da Gama landed here on this beach to become the first European to reach the subcontinent by sea. The rest is history.

(Kappakadavu or Kappad Beach - Kozhikode, Kerala)

Desh ka saara talent Tictoc pe hai

Just a reminder that we have a mute button here too

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When I asked him, "Chacha, aap yahan bina ghar ke kaise rehte hain?" (How do you live here without a home?)
He smiled and said, "Nizamuddin ke darbar me beghar kaun hota hai!!" (How can one be homeless in the Grace of Nizamuddin!)

Agar dushman ka dushman dost hai toh kya dost ka dost dushman hai 🤷🏻‍♀️??

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If anyone wants to support Congress joining Shiv Sena you can do me a favor by unfollowing me or the least you can do is not explain me why it is good.

Minorities and dalits have had their dignity traded for your political expediency for long and we dont have to listen to your patronizing crap.

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There is NO difference between BJP and Shivsena.

Both are fascist parties who have always demonized Muslims and killed them.

CongRSS has done NOTHING to punish these people but gave them state funeral.

Now congress will be ally of these Nazis?


After all, what's more human than the fight for survival? ~ Money Heist !

Tomorrow is Monday !
Back to routine

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What's needed is for the Muslim working class youth to get off their Bikes, Bollywood, and Blissful unawareness now and get strongly political.

Read, Study, Educate, Organise and Agitate.

Radicalize and Revolutionise.

The alternative is annihilation...

5 ACRE land kya de di now everyone thinks they have the haq to tell Muslims what’s to do with the 5 ACRE land ,seriously 😈!!

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