I didn't toot'd a lot today unfortunately. How's it's going, Mastodon?

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La journée se termine, c'est le moment de faire des voeux.

Ce que nous voulons :

- Quote re-pouet
- Embed natif sur Wordpress
- Colonne messages privés
- Plug-in Giphy avec recherche
- Exportation de sa base de followers pour changer d'instance.
- Thème clair
- API pour Buffer / Wordpress

Deadline : 2h ? ça ira ?

Merci <3 @Support

Last but not least: We still don't have a release date for Specter of Shadows Wii U in Europe :(

Oh, and thanks to THIS bot I got a huge twist of P*rsona 5 sp*iled


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I want to play JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven so baddddddd but :

1) I don't have a PS4
2) I'm still at the start of Part 5

So I'll just cry I guess

/ Well, I should present myself too.

Hello there, I'm Dream/Dwimepon/Hugo, a french guy who loves Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, J-RPGs (I'm playing Live A Live right now, and it's pretty damn good) in general and obscure, almost niche Visual Novels.

I'm 17 y.o (Soon 18!) and I tend to shitpost a bit too much. I'll try to limit myself here!
If you're french too, you can follow me on Twitter (same as here), I tweet mainly in fr on Twitter though.

I think that's it!

RPG Maker is such a great software to create video games, even more if you're good at js

Probably one of my favorites (Along with episode 8)

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Last episode of Little Witch Academia was pretty sick tho

I know it makes sense for the plot but argggghhh you obtain her at a moment where it's annoying to farm

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Leveling up Etna in Disgaea 2 is pretty tedious when you recruit her

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Fav si toi aussi tu dis pain au chocolat et pas chocolatine MDRRRRRRRRR follow me pour plus de blagues

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I'm probably going to tweet both in English and French on this website btw

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People who study social aspects gender and biology and how the interact for hundreds of years: gender is a social construct
dude on twitter: no, because I don't like it

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