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Day 156: 11/11/2019
Customs in China has stopped letting Chinese tourists going to Hong Kong

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Assange is kept in complete isolation for 23 hours a day, and permitted 45 minutes exercise. When he has to be moved, guards clear the corridors and lock all cells to guarantee he has no contact with any other prisoner outside the exercise period. theamericanconservative.com/ar … …

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VA POTUS Elections:

2000 GOP Bush won by 8

2004 GOP Bush won by 8.2

2008 GOP McCain LOST by 6.3

2012 GOP Romney LOST by 3.8

2016 GOP Trump LOST by 5.3

VA slipped from the GOP before Trump, you Trump-hating clown who shamelessly spins numbers to fit a set narrative.

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Specials for 2 weeks of $500 plus 50$ off with review (outcall only)
Your favorite artistic enchantress will be traveling to #neworleans to do a performance and i wanna see you before i go!
#nola : lets have some fun!

Location: New York, New York
Contact: privatedelights.ch/USA/New-Yor


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Mark Taimanov, a Russian chess Grandmaster, after losing 6-0 to Bobby Fischer in 1971's World Chess Championship Candidates quarterfinal, got his salary and his ability to leave the country taken away, aswell as being censored in the press because the R... en.chessbase.com/post/my-life-

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Every provider wants one

S uper
A wesome
C lient

How can you become a SAC?

- Read the ad/profile/website
- Find SWer that meets your desires AND budget
- Contact via preferred method
- Provide screening w/o a fuss
- Schedule more than 2hrs out
- Show up fresh of body & mouth
- Enjoy your pleasures & express appreciation
- Repeat

Being a SAC leads to a condition we call

T ake
Y our
P ants
O ff

#swassistance #switterlove #clientrules #psa

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