The part of me that loved fallout is dead

Everyone trying to own me by telling me about the fallout tv series when I feel literally nothing anymore about fallout

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If you've played Doom before but never this way, I recommend it! All the original id Software level designers developed and balanced their levels in this way. Weapon and resource placements within each level become much more meaningful, and there is less chance of the resource economy breaking (eg player has nearly full stacks of everything, boooring) later in the game.

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I just released a tiny Doom utility on itch, a "pistol start" only mod:
Page explains exactly what it does in case that's not clear. Requires GZDoom; whole thing is about 20 lines of ZScript.

I dont feel like doing anything today

i wonder if i have a good personality

where's Laura, the virtual actress, now

they would all play like total dogshit but oh my god i would treasure them

just thought "god could you imagine what kenji eno could do today with how powerful free game engines are" and made myself sad

yeah i REALLY fuckin enjoyed that movie

Date night got cancelled. Oh well. Still seeing each other on the weekend but tonight is a no go due to the fact that it would be 10 by the time she came over and she has to go to work at 7

Hey I think this movie fucking rules?

Oh my God now we are doing some silent hill shit now

God the art design and visuals in this movie are fuckin striking

A little bit old testament, a little bit film noir, sometimes cyberpunk, usually dystopian

That 1997-2000 tone of "the turning of ages is coming and God has abandoned us but the devil is here and he is at home in the minds of killers"

This also has my favorite aesthetic: y2k anxiety mixed with supernatural horror

This feels like a collab law and order svu episode directed by David lynch and written by clive Barker

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