Nothing like seeing people pissing and moaning about games not being on sale/not being discounted enough when they've already got more games than they can play.

Like, if you can't afford it, or you don't think it's worth the price that's being asked, that's entirely fair. That's an amicable point at which to move on, not a point where you should feel driven to expose that you feel entitled to a >75% discount.

Thanks Valve, for normalising a consumer culture where discounts are expected in an environment where producers, not retailers take the hit from that. I'm so glad that other developers get to enjoy the pressure that this creates and not you.


@Cheeseness i still think about that one tweet that talks about how indie dev is basically "im going to work on this piece of art that i pour my entire being into and likely put myself into really awful, uncomfortable and unhealthy situations for multiple months/years to make it so you can yell at me how it's only 2 hours long and that's not worth $10"

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