Apple always claims ridiculous multiplications of performance with every new product like 5x or 11x faster, etc.. I'd be curious to actually see how real these numbers are.

I just found the band 'Beirut' though Tiny Desk, and really like their song, 'East Harlem'.

How do we know that the sun wasn't invented by the government to promote renewable energy? I demand a solar expedition.

‘There must be more to life than having everything!’ -Maurice Sendak
-Ryan Graham

How much of my identity is tied into what I own and not who I am?

I've had too much caffeine.

Never thought it would feel so good to finally start paying off these college loans.

I've been thinking.. (That's never a good thing) If we want to create encryption that can withstand the quantnum computing of the future, the encryped data has to be undiscernable from unencrypted data (But still different). That way, pretty much every form of brute force is nullified, as the only way to tell if the brute force was actually successful is to compare the findings to the actual data, which you wouldn't have needed to brute force if you had. Just a thought.

Lastpass vs Dashalne (Password Managers) 

By lower price tag, I mean free.

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Lastpass vs Dashalne (Password Managers) 

After reviewing both and , which are both password managers, I have to recommend..
Lastpass because it's significantly more reliable and less buggy -- That's not even taking into account the significantly lower price tag.

I'm currently working on building a lantern control deck. Do you hate me?

If I was a programming wiz, I would make a a battle royal parody called "battle royale royale." the winner of the battle royle would go to the battle royale royale to fight the other winners on other servers. It continues infinitely.

To add to this point, I specifically mean when the characters make bad choices and must suffer the consequences.

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Another Theory:

The best TV Shows/Movies are the ones where the characters lead terrible lives -- because they make you feel better about your life.

Stocks are weird. I mean... Did you know that companies don't even legally have to pay dividends? What value do they actually have besides human speculation?

I Probably should look into this further.

I have this theory that if you somehow call stranger by their name, they will think that they know you, and feel bad for not remembering your name.

Time to focus and get my darn paper done, only 15 pages to go!

Does anyone actually use caps lock on purpose?

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