Wer einen sicheren und datenschutzfreundlichen Browser sucht sollte:
1. kein Chrome oder darauf basierenden Browser verwenden
2. auf Forks (Abspaltungen vom Mutterprojekt) verzichten, da die oft Wochen bis Monate mit Sicherheitsupdates hinterherhinken
3. einfach Firefox nehmen und den Browser via Add-ons und Anpassung der about:config fit machen 💪

Ein HowTo: kuketz-blog.de/firefox-ein-bro

I do not want to hear about how ugly you think a billionaire is.
I hate billionaires too, but I’m never going to wanna hear that someone we both hate is ugly. Never.

The ‘beauty is good, ugly is bad’ thing is always always absolutely terrible.

It feeds the idea that our self-worth is connected to what we look like and no amount of ‘body positivity’ is worth shit if we continue to pull this crap just because we wanna joke about someone we hate.

☕ Die beste Firma der Welt (i.e., meine) RECUP sucht Verstärkung. Keywords: Kaffeebecher, Pfandsystem, #München, Müllvermeidung, #Mehrweg, #Nachhaltigkeit, 1A-Kollegen!

- Controller (m/w/a)
- Social Media Manager (m/w/a)
- Team Happiness Assistent (m/w/a)
- Sales Manager (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Business Development (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Sales (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Marketing (m/w/a) ab Juni 2019


Über einen Boost würde ich mich sehr freuen, danke!

#jobsuche #stellenangebote


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„Je mehr Komplexität man in seinem Leben hat, kognitiv, emotional, desto toleranter u. besser streitet man.Wer selbst nicht in Schubladen passt, steckt andere nicht hinein, der ver- teilt nicht so schnell.Wo andere nur Feindschaft vermuten, finden diese Menschen gemeinsames“ P.C.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PeterBremicker/sta

Just recently started watching Game Of Thrones. Now I wonder how I managed to live so long without watching this fine show.







you know what I find actually rather interesting?

The speech patterns and expressions used by ESL people - sometimes their hobbies show through, for example I knew someone who read a LOT of classical english literature and as a result used expressions that probably haven't been used in common speech for 150 years.

And then you get those that aren't functionally fluent yet, where you get to see foreign grammar structures applied to english - particularly apparent for CN/JP and such. You get an insight into their grammar structure by picking it back apart

Then probably *the* most interesting, foreign phrases and idioms directly translated. Say, from German the directly translated "pressing my thumbs for...", where you have to ask them "where did that even come from?"

Idk why but I think it's interesting. Languages are nice.

Using Mastodon for the first time be like:
I have no idea what the hell is going on and what I am doing.

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