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I am an indie researcher from (or as they now call it, ) who loves to speak about the East Indian people that are indigenous to the North Konkan coast of Maharashtra, .

Check my work on the EIMC IG (link in bio) to discover a Bombay you don’t get to see or hear about in mainstream culture.

Always amused by any examples/instances of a & angered and saddened by instances of in India.

Kassa Kai me if you’re EI or Bombaykar!

Finally visited Khotachiwadi - a famous East Indian heritage village today in South Bombay - today, and I think I need another visit to understand better the complex feelings it evoked in me.

Sending this Kuswar your way this Christmas from the EIMC family ❤️

(Kuswar is this plate laden with sweets and also the custom of exchanging Christmas sweets with friends, family and neighbours that many Christian groups - the East Indians one of them - follow in India).

IAC protests were organised and funded by the RSS. Our anti-CAA/NRC protests were spontaneous and fuelled by rage. What a HUGE difference!

There's no credible Opposition. So people are protesting in the streets.
There's no credible media outlet. So people are using social media to put out their own coverage of the protests.
This is India.

August Kranti Maidan today. Over 1.5L Indians told the bigots to FO.

Getting ready for today's protest at August Kranti Maidan, by ensuring:

- clothes are nondescript & comfortable
- comfortable shoes
- phone emptied of important data
- enough water
- Bridgefy's installed (in case of a communication blackout)
- traffic, safety & legal information is at hand

Have I missed anything?

Waiting for my community’s leaders as well as my religious spokespersons to speak out against the Citizenship Amendment Bill and express some sort of solidarity with the protesting students, but sadly, most of them campaigned for the BJP during the recent elections and it’s going to be crickets for a while. Sigh.

One of the nicest things to hear at airports in this day and age of globalisation and migration is surnames from the subcontinent pronounced awkwardly yet determinedly by mouths not used to the tongue twisting usually required for our names, over the announcement systems.

You’re doing a good job, Sheila/Bob!

But for those keen to catch some East Indian cultural action this month, I did share December’s East Indian event list on the EIMC Instagram

It’s chock-full of things happening in the US, and Bombay and you don’t even need to be an EI to attend a lot of the events mentioned in there.

Posting on Mastodon has taken a backseat as I get ready to wrap up my day job and take off on a much-needed vacation.

Where I will continue to look for stories and unspoken histories anyway, so now that I say it aloud, it’s not really a vacation 🤷🏻‍♀️

A room full of college going women and their professors shut up Arnab Goswami for 15 minutes and didn't give him room to talk.

I am going to hang on to this memory for hope in the coming times.

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Countering all the depressing stuff coming out of Maharashtra with this colourful photo.

About an East Indian lugra wearer from Bassein/Vasai (a tiny town in Western Maharashtra).

Bonus: the very ornate entrance door (in the background) from the 16th Century shrine built by the Spanish Dominican Missionaries in 1577 (we have some super-old churches in Bassein).

Look up the series on IG for more of our EI traditional saree:

friends! Hope to see you at this today - an interactive art Installation I've done with some very talented colleagues. 10 am to 7 pm or so at Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi

Cliff Richards was Anglo Indian and remains one of the most beloved of Western musicians among the crowd.

And that is pretty much why I now have an LP of the soundtrack from a movie he acted in rather than an LP if Elvis (whom I adore more).

With increasing corss-posting from twitter, what we fail to understand is that, the much-needed interaction on Mastodon is reducing. It is a good time to keep interacting and talking here. Engaging on Mastodon will motivate others who haven't joined the network already to make a move.
I know that most people have a huge base on Twitter and it's difficult to run and manage two networks simultaneously. But this is time. To change something, it takes efforts and time. Let's keep engaging here.

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Hello, I'm Saumya. I am an aspiring feminist historian interested in the colonial prison regime in India. My background is in gender & human rights research & advocacy. I'm trying to develop a network for critical thinking around detention & solidarity w/ those working on detention (@detsolnet on the birdsite).

Other than my nerd-qualifications, I <3 fiction, coffee, wine & my sense of humour has been described as dry af.

Wondering if might be a good home for the Detention Solidarity Network as a *small* instance?

The network is a work in progress & will work as a shared space for academics, activists, journalists, lawyers and others interested in detention & related issues.

Does that seem like a good idea? Is the a good space for such networks? Feel free to respond even if you're unlikely to be a part of the network. I'm trying to understand Mastodon.

Dalreen Ramos spoke with a couple of users from in today's Mid-Day and here's me on Page 20 with my two annas on my decision to be here:

(Sharing space in it with the excellent @Mumbaipaused)

cc: @Mastodon @Gargron

Fun fact: I am related to nearly all the women in the group in some way or another.

Yay, village marriages!

But also, no to endogamy (which is thankfully on the decline now).

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Hello, it's just me, bringing you some foot-tapping East Indian music (and traditionally garbed EI ladies dancing to it) today.

We call upbeat songs like these 'ऊरती गानी/urti gaani' in our mother tongue East Indian Marathi and they are hands down extremely wholesome and fun to dance to!

(P.S. Not sure if anyone can view the video, so I'll also share a link to its IG post here:

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