Soooo... Why are Mastodon usernames restricted to English characters?

@year_2038 wow... So what should people who don't speak a language with a Latin alphabet do?

@Edent this is the username, people should be able to write it on basically any keyboard layout.

@year_2038 have you travelled the world? Lots of people don't use QWERTY.
Here are two of the keyboards I use regularly.

@year_2038 you're not a very compassionate person, are you?

@Edent look, the world speaks english, specially in the tech industry, so, if you have a solution to the hell that unicode brings, just say it. but this is a form of santization(on the tech meaning) on the plataform, and besides that, how the hell i will type a user name like 莎士比亚, if i don't speak chinese?

@Edent Sounds like a valid reason for closing that issue tbh.

It's nice to know there's a reasoned discussion on there.

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