Perhaps I'm the only one who wants to see support for Mastodon usernames...?

But if you also think the Fediverse should be open to people unfamiliar with a QWERTY keyboard, please leave a thumbs-up on

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@Edent I am quite against that honestly. If I get what you mean, that is. It causes one hell of a problem in domain names, where it's much easier to impersonate legitimate bank domainnames, by using special characters. For some things, I thing plain ANSI is the way to go, to avoid impersonation abilities. (though with mastodon, everyone can put up an instance, so it's kinda unavoidable in that respect)

@arjankoole that's a very Eurocentric attitude. I can assure you that the lack of proper internationalisation has been a huge barrier to accessibility around the world.

@Edent no, it’s a security centric attitude. But, I will admit it looks suspiciously like security through obscurity, which is to be avoided. But try teaching grandma that is not the same as 🤔

@arjankoole yup. But, sadly, it's too late for that. The threat is already here.

@ame thanks! Please add a thumbs up if you can to the issue.

@Edent "Tootsuite"? Maybe best if I pretend I didn't see that! Great pun though

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