Switching from LastPass to for two reasons:
1) LP broke their FireFox extension and refuse to fix it.
2) BW is open source and works well with Linux.


@Edent ooh, will check out bitwarden. Currently doing OK with Lastpass but always open to improvements.

@Solobasssteve It works well on Android and in the browser. I like it so far.

@Solobasssteve ish. LastPass has a bug where it exports "&" in passwords as "&" - so needed a little finessing. But, TBH, another reason to leave LP.

@Edent Got a link to the LP issue? I am using it here, not noticed the issue.

@Edent Huh. I hadn't actually noticed it was broken. Sad times. Bitwarden is great though.

@Edent I downloaded the binary thing a while ago and copy username/password started working again, does it not work for linux then?

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