Morning gang! I've published a new release of SuperTinyIcons.
A collection of SVG logos - each one is UNDER 1024 bytes!
Vectors, so they can be resized with no loss of quality. Tiny, because every byte counts. Open source, because I love you 😍

@ada I think you can thank Dan The Man for that 🙂

Perhaps I should also add Internet Explorer 🤔

@kevinbeynon no worries. I also take requests if you have anything specific you'd like me to add.

@Edent Weeeell.

Do you also do logo editing/creation commissions?

The Libreture logo needs a refresh and I'd like to change the ear tufts to look like book pages, but just can't get them to look right...

Something like the old Reader logo...


No problem. Thank you very much.

I like the title 'Optimiser' though. 😉

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