Electric car charging test. I plugged in using the normal 240V charger in the evening. Was able to power the car partly from my home's battery.
Might be better doing that rather than the 7kW charger.

Are you living in 2056 or is this a glitch in the matrix

@Edent Sorry. Attempted joke.

I studied the graph for a few minutes. You're using solar and grid to charge your car? It seems very futuristic from my perspective, very impressive! :blobpats:

@Alisca yes, solar panels feed my home, my battery, and the local grid. My car charges from a domestic socket which draws from all three.

That's actually wild
And you give back to the grid? "Solar to grid"? Cheers

@Alisca yes 🙂
If I'm not using electricity during the day, it goes to my batter first, then to my neighbours.

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