One day we'll have video conferencing which just works 😂

Cooperation is the cornerstone of effective action. Too many people want to be the hero of the story - their individual success matters more that the success of the idea.
The only way to make effective change is to work together.

Standing up to the system as an individual is almost always too risky.
But it usually takes one individual to kick things off.

“my politics are largely problem orientated”
That's a novel position. But is it sustainable?

Many young people prioritise convenience over their privacy.
Can we judge people for acting in line with modern society?
I think we need to engage in consciousness raising. Make it part of the conversation that they're making a trade. If they understand and agree then that's fine. But they need informed consent.

"Math is not going to save society"
Exactly! To many people think that technological purity is the thing to save us all.
We have to ensure that people understand the problems and that we have an effective societal remedy.

See what happened in apartheid South Africa


You should block adverts on your devices. And make your friends and family block ads on their devices.

People who watch adverts are like anti-vaxxers - blissfully unaware of the benefits of herd-immunity. And dangerously undermining our collective safety.

@neo thanks for the cryptic message. I don't know what sort of response you think that will provoke.

@Edent Wim Hof demonstrates how to suppress immune response by cold therapy and breathing. His name is all you need to do your own research.

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