Newest messages on top:

Newest messages at bottom:

I'm sure there are some exceptions to the rule - but it seems that real-time content is bottom posted, asynchronous is top posted.


@Edent with Slack and WhatsApp anyway you’re expected to read a dialog down the page. With Twitter it’s more each individual message - except when you read a thread I guess in which case it’s also presented top-down. ?

@torgo @Edent yeah twitter has that annoying thing where it brings the rest of the thread back to the top when a new post gets added to it (I just view twitter on tweetdeck which keeps things simple and like mastodon)

But yeah the messaging apps are a conversation meant to be read down the page and on social media sites nothing really relates directly to the content around it so the latest can just be at the top and you read each post as an individual item before scrolling down to the next

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