Second Hand Books Are Theft

Whenever you buy a second-hand book, you are stealing revenue from the author and publisher. It makes no difference whether you buy from a charity shop or a for-profit store. All the money goes to the seller of the book, and none of it flows back to the copyright holders.

(The situation is slightly different if you borrow a book from a library. In the UK, au


@lordbin have a read of it and see if you can use your context clues to find out.

@Edent I believe that piracy is good, but that's like saying: buying second hand [anything] is theft because the money doesn't go to author.

It is like saying that the book is the property if the author even if you buy it

I disagree. They made their money on the book when it sold the first time. After that the book is property of the owner. They can sell it, throw it in the trash or leave it in their will. The digital world is different and piracy is a problem. This is probably a thing because book sales are down. Publishers, like record companies, want more profits. There's little money in writing books these days. Rich authors are the exception, not the rule.

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