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Drafting a whitepaper which amounts to "quit scraping our data for situational awareness during an extreme event; just tell us how to tell you what we need." I wonder if anyone will read it.

@Willow have you looked into Open311?
I'm currently helping evaluate whether it is a good standard for reporting things back into government.
Currently mostly used for "help, there's a potholes just here" - but could easily be expanded for crisis stuff.
I've also done some work with Ushahidi - that's excellent for getting reports back from people in the field.

@Edent Another group I like is Taarifa, which sets up workflows for citizens to fix their own shit (or notify groups in the area which might help), and the exhaust of those interactions keeps gov databases up to date.

Happy to talk about any/all of this more, if you like. meetme.so/structures is a way to request time.

Terence Eden @Edent

@Willow very interesting. That URL 404s for me.

I'm working for the UK Government looking at this. We're having an open discussion at github.com/alphagov/tech-and-d

Would love your point of view.

@Edent weird, it doesn't 404 for me. Try willow at bl00cyb dot org instead so we can have a more in-depth conversation.