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Due to some reasons, I've been eating a lot of vegan food recently, and I have some observations. First, you can eat really well as a vegan. Second, the only problems with being vegan are social, not technical. (People think it's a bit odd, and animal products are everywhere.) Third, I have an increasingly uncomfortable feeling that they're probably right: that we cause harm unnecessarily by using animals. (I'm not a vegan though. But it's no longer unthinkable.)

Terence Eden @Edent

@threedaymonk I'm feeling the same way. Went to a vegan food festival recently. Was very impressed.
I have a friend who is a vegan at home but a vegetarian when eating out. I think that's a fairly sensible approach.
Mind you, I'm off to China this week and will just be ignoring that basically everything not from a veggie restaurant is probably full of fish!