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Very excited for this amazing #Linux company and their future. #System76 is entering phase 3:


@Tomislav that does look good. But I worry that desktops are a dying market.

@Edent Definitely shrinking. But it seems until some fantastic and cheap progress on #VR, I will always prefer big monitor, normal keyboard and beefy specs for as little as possible money. Working at home/office I don't see an appeal for laptop. I still have a very old Netbook that I use only occasionally less than once per quarte.

Biggest fear for desktop I see in tabled/laptop hybrids like new #Chromebook devices.

Terence Eden @Edent

@Tomislav true. But I'd rather have a powerful device I can lug around with an external monitor / HID.
I don't get why they're designing the hardware. Do they mean the beige box? Or sourcing specific components?
Either way, good to have more Linux businesses.