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mastodon.social/media/CJcxBYEZ first Alexa skill to be published!
You can now get the UK flood forecast as part of your flash briefing.
Will blog imminently.

Some of these look gorgeous. Not quite what I was hoping to do - but a delightful accident. mastodon.social/media/UmJ1e3LB

Have found an amazing vegetarian restaurant in Beijing! VegeTiger. I may never leave here.

Security nerds! PayPal has recently changed its 2FA timeout process. Now takes 10 minutes for a code to be invalidated.
Wonder why they've done that?

Looking at URI schemes. t.me/edent is an interesting redirect.

People who don't live in the UK - how much do you pay to charge electric cars in public?

It used to be free in the UK as companies built up their networks. Now they're trying to charge and making a complete mess of it!

So many different, complicated tariffs for what amounts to £2.50 worth of electricity.

Every company wants me to sign up for a monthly tariff and give me a smart card or app.
All *I* want is to drive up, plug in, and tap my credit card.

What's your country like?

Had someone new join us for Easter lunch.
That means it is Caption Competition Time!

"I find my lack of plate disturbing."

"That's no spoon!"

"Now I am the master (chef)"

Dark chocolate + Marmalade + Hot cross buns + sugar + eggs + milk + cream + dried fruit.

Ideas that I never quite got round to completing.
"3D Printed Letter Press"

I'd love for someone to take this idea and see how feasible it is. I've no clue if the ink would stick to the prints, or if they'd be strong enough to withstand repeated pressings.

We have loads of rosemary. And it appears the Rosemary Beetles like it too!

Pruned back some overgrown bushes & found a Raspberry Pi that'd I'd forgotten about!
Still monitoring environmental quality & still on wifi!
Very impressed with just how hardy they are!

Hmmm. Opera Mini with data saving REALLY doesn't like my SVG icons!

Just noticed this VERY RUDE gargoyle in Oxford.

Watching this fascinating documentary about Theremin.
Such an unusual life, and such magical music.

Does anyone know of an open source "check in to X" app?
Like untappd / vivino / foursquare. I want to build one for cheese.

One of the things I did on 🐦 was build conversation visualisation things like this.
I need to understand the Mastodon API better to see if such a thing is possible here.
So many better ways to view complex threads than just a one dimensional list!

Made chocolate shot glasses!
Took 400g to make 5.
A little uneven, but they're watertight.
And go very well with whiskey 😀

Spent the weekend building a mannequin for my Darth Vader suit. Pretty impressed with the results.