Looks like I need new business cards ;-)

Snarking on the Internet

It's fun to grumble about a product. Sending snarky tweets, writing ranty blog-posts for those sweet HackerNews page-views, and generally complaining about how crap something is. Admit it, you do it too! I do it too often. The thing is, that's the easy way out. Much harder is engaging in constructive dialogue, submitting decently detailed…[...]


The Firefox share menu on Android is all kinds of messed up. Anyone know what's going on?

Please don't print this weeknote

I asked a question in a meeting a few days ago. "What if we just banned Civil Servants from printing anything?" To be clear, this wasn't an entirely serious proposal. But it's how I like to frame a discussion about available option when making a decision: Can we just stop doing this thing? What if…[...]


Real fuel efficiency of an electric car? 165MPG

I've been driving EVs for a few years now - and people often ask me about running costs. I can't tell you what your insurance, maintenance, or leasing costs will be - but I can show you how much it costs to drive. Here's a fairly recent trip in my Renault Zoe: That's a mixture…[...]


Convert WebVTT to a Transcript using Python

I want to convert YouTube's auto-generated subtitles into a plain transcript. Why is this so hard? Here's what the subtitles look like when you view a video: And here's what the code which generates those subtitles looks like: 00:00:00.930 --> 00:00:03.080 align:start position:0% and<00:00:01.230><c> now</c><00:00:01.439><c> can&[...]


My electric car gets the equivalent of 165 MPG.

(971kWh * £0.13) / 3500 miles = 3.6p/mile.

(4.55 litres * £1.30) / 3.6p/mile = 165 MPG (UK)

Is my maths right?

Reflections on - a Science-Fact Convention

At a science-fiction convention, you queue for hours to hear a bit-part actor describe what it was like on the set of a forgotten sci-fi show. At a science-fact convention, you have a beer with a person who is literally changing the world with a laser cutter, some diodes, and a smattering of Python. Welcome…[...]


I'm so pleased that AMP gives us a cleaner, less cluttered web....

Woo! The Economist have picked up on my blockchain prank!
Read their story economist.com/technology-quart
Or pick up the magazine (£6 for a printed off website! 😬)

My original blog post is at shkspr.mobi/blog/2018/06/how-i

Woo! Just modded my phone to use Voice over WiFi despite Three not officially supporting it on the OnePlus 5T!

Dial *#800#
Function Switch

Wonder if VoLTE will work? Too chicken to try it 😁

Soooo... Why are Mastodon usernames restricted to English characters?

Is this what you Earthlings call... "irony"?

This is the current state of consumer AI.
The first answer is just plain incorrect and taken from a non-authoritive source.
The second understands the words but misses the intent.

There is no website in the world which needs ONE THOUSAND cookies!
How did we get into this mess?

Oooh! Interesting Mastodon bug (or possibly Firefox mobile?) - push notifications render HTML encoded entities incorrectly.
So ' becomes '

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