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Really enjoyed @Edent blog post about a mysterious ú printed on a receipt. And saw they were already on mastodon from a mastodon icon on the bottom of their blog. I think that's the first I've stumbled upon.

mastodon.social/media/CJcxBYEZ first Alexa skill to be published!
You can now get the UK flood forecast as part of your flash briefing.
Will blog imminently.

Some of these look gorgeous. Not quite what I was hoping to do - but a delightful accident. mastodon.social/media/UmJ1e3LB

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Tusky is finally back in the main F-Droid repository! f-droid.org/repository/browse/

You can just as well search for "Tusky" in the F-Droid app to find it.

@sandhawke @torgo yes, good plan. Can't be worse than IRC! 🤣

Trigger Warnings and Content Notes. Does anyone have good icons that I can use in a presentation to show various things which people may want to be alerted to?

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This piece of public speaking advice from @Edent might be my favourite public speaking advice ever.

Morning gang!
I've been ranting about Amazon's developer experience for Alexa Skills.
Basically, it is RUBBISH! A terrible experience trying to get multiple Amazon accounts talking to each other, out of date tutorials, and extremely limited options.
The Echo / Dot think is a fun toy, but a right pain to develop for. Pretty hard to use as well.

@latentexistence I did a blog post about wifi lighting and so many people berated me for being "lazy". No thought of what difficulties others night face. Very frustrating.

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@internetofshit@twitter.com is pretty funny but I'm getting increasingly annoyed by them ridiculing things that are actually helpful for disabled people.

@xor very interesting. Still wish I could add my own keys to it - but I guess that's quite a niche use case.

@edsaperia @Gargron *waves* I do training for people getting started with public speaking. Happy to give you some tips.

I've written a basic primer at shkspr.mobi/blog/2013/01/be-a-

@Documentally there has been lots. There was a guy who (allegedly) killed his wife. The Alexa was subpoenaed.

@popey blow out dust with compressed air. Retighten screws. Bit of foam padding on the case + feet. Those are my go-to el cheapo suggestions.

Does anyone have an EASY tutorial for setting up Alexa skills?

Related, is anyone using the Amazon Echo for anything interesting? The music and news stuff is very dull, but I like the light switch integration.

With the help of the marvellous @tink I've added some cool accessibility features to my contact site.


Now has proper ARIA roles, more semantic markup, and better title text on SVG.

I still need to work out if it is possible to have the 中文 read in English.


@Gargron Medium is blocked in China 😥
But mastodon.social is available 😂