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Wipe the magnetic strip from your credit card and only use the chip. At the moment I think that's the only way to prevent skimming.

Today I generated 18.85kWh of solar electricity & earned £3.51

I have reached peak #EMFCamp. Synth hat working, and 3d graphics badge app running on both the 2016 AND 2018 badges! Party time!

It's a bot which I know some people hate, but otherwise I love @accessibleColors, which randomly selects colors with sufficient contrast to meet #accessibility standards.

Did you know color combinations can be measured and result in a number that has to be over a certain threshold to be accessible? I think that's pretty cool.

In an internet of light grey text on white backgrounds, it's nice to see how many, many better options are available. :)

New Zealand's Te Papa museum has an API. Full of creative commons stuff. Brilliant!

Woo! Just modded my phone to use Voice over WiFi despite Three not officially supporting it on the OnePlus 5T!

Dial *#800#
Function Switch

Wonder if VoLTE will work? Too chicken to try it 😁

Hey folk - my talk is on Sunday from 12:40 PM - 1:10 PM in Stage A.

It'll be fun, scary, and useful. Probably.

I keep reporting the same security issues to makers of password managers, it's always the same weaknesses in the AutoFill functionality. So here are my seven recommendations to get this functionality secure.

#infosec #security #passwords

Here's my new project. Featuring ! Rubik's Cubes! ! Government! All in one video 😃

Today I generated 11.93kWh of solar electricity & earned £2.22

That @Edent has a talent for giving serious insight while being awesomely entertaining - watch and read this on showing how to use AI in Government... with a Rubik's Cube

New video from me all about building Lego robots for the UK government.

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