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Ah! HackerNews comments about my blog, which range from "I've missed the point entirely so let me rant about something tangential" to "I don't get sarcasm so I assume everyone is as literal as me" via means of "this isn't impressive! I could do better (even though I haven't)"

Fun times!

@Willow very interesting. That URL 404s for me.

I'm working for the UK Government looking at this. We're having an open discussion at github.com/alphagov/tech-and-d

Would love your point of view.

Over 400 stars now! Who knew people were so interested in SVG?!

I bloody loved - cracking start to the new season. Lovely foreshadowing of a story arc as well.

I only wish it was shown in the he autumn and winter rather than bright spring evenings. Makes it more scary. But then, I suppose, there wouldn't be an Xmas special.

Oh well!

Woo! Over 200 stars on my new GitHub repo.
Logos for social websites. Each under 1KB.
The average size is about 500 BYTES!

Toot via email.
How can I make this happen?

@torgo so, do we need an official Mastodon instance for the W3C?
Got to be more accessible than IRC, right?

@Willow have you looked into Open311?
I'm currently helping evaluate whether it is a good standard for reporting things back into government.
Currently mostly used for "help, there's a potholes just here" - but could easily be expanded for crisis stuff.
I've also done some work with Ushahidi - that's excellent for getting reports back from people in the field.

@deoxxa I was looking up WebFinger yesterday. All but dead. Barely any documentation, no actively developed software, such a shame.




@christi3k remember not to bring any to the UK. They're still contraband here.

Blogging blogging blogging!

Looking at URI schemes. t.me/edent is an interesting redirect.

@MrGilbert that's really interesting, thanks!
I can charge at home, so I only need public chargers on the rare occasions when I'm going outside my car's range. Hence why I am reluctant to sign up for a membership scheme.

People who don't live in the UK - how much do you pay to charge electric cars in public?

It used to be free in the UK as companies built up their networks. Now they're trying to charge and making a complete mess of it!

So many different, complicated tariffs for what amounts to £2.50 worth of electricity.

Every company wants me to sign up for a monthly tariff and give me a smart card or app.
All *I* want is to drive up, plug in, and tap my credit card.

What's your country like?

Had someone new join us for Easter lunch.
That means it is Caption Competition Time!

"I find my lack of plate disturbing."

"That's no spoon!"

"Now I am the master (chef)"

Dark chocolate + Marmalade + Hot cross buns + sugar + eggs + milk + cream + dried fruit.

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Imagine an instance where you can only post 14-characters toots. Or only emoji. Or alliterations (harder to code). Where all toots must include a word that changes daily.

I built a thing!

32 Social Media SVG Icons. Total size? Less than 20KB. Yup, that's kilobytes!


Still need Mastodon and a few others. Requests welcome!