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I'm trying Ko-Fi to help support some of the Open Source work I do.
If my code or my blogging has helped you, please visit
Thanks ☺️

I've seen this discussion pop up again.
Yes, HTTP 451 is suitable for GDPR blocking on sites.
No, the RFC doesn't say what you think it says.

I'm trying to get the UK Government to take a modern approach to using open standards - and I need your feedback.

Convert WebVTT to a Transcript using Python

I want to convert YouTube's auto-generated subtitles into a plain transcript. Why is this so hard? Here's what the subtitles look like when you view a video: And here's what the code which generates those subtitles looks like: 00:00:00.930 --> 00:00:03.080 align:start position:0% and<00:00:01.230><c> now</c><00:00:01.439><c> can&[...]

I'm trying to get the UK Government to take a modern approach to using open standards - and I need your feedback.

My electric car gets the equivalent of 165 MPG.

(971kWh * £0.13) / 3500 miles = 3.6p/mile.

(4.55 litres * £1.30) / 3.6p/mile = 165 MPG (UK)

Is my maths right?

Switching from LastPass to for two reasons:
1) LP broke their FireFox extension and refuse to fix it.
2) BW is open source and works well with Linux.


Reflections on - a Science-Fact Convention

At a science-fiction convention, you queue for hours to hear a bit-part actor describe what it was like on the set of a forgotten sci-fi show. At a science-fact convention, you have a beer with a person who is literally changing the world with a laser cutter, some diodes, and a smattering of Python. Welcome…[...]

Week Notes - Sick Note

Bleugh! After an amazing time at , I succumbed to the post-festival lurgy. So this week is mostly brought to you by Vick Vapour Rub and Kleenex 🤧 🤧 🤧 Presenting I was honoured to be asked to visit the National Archives in Kew to talk about AI strategy. The whole event was streamed and…[...]

Why so many people posts hiding the text or photo under a warning when there’s nothing NSFW? It’s so annoying that I have to hold to show the content. Stop doing that ✌️

New blog post from my team. Would really appreciate your thoughts on how government should approach updating technical standards.

I'm so pleased that AMP gives us a cleaner, less cluttered web....

Oh, and making decisions based on user needs. This is critical to breaking the lock-in to specific vendors and letting us continually choose better and better tools.

Everything should come from the user need.

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