la croix tastes like civil war medicine

like a soda's ghost

like hearing the name of a fruit while you're falling asleep

like the only legal flavor in a dystopian novel

@EdgarAllanFoe and disinfecting wounds, degreasing bike chains, bloodstains etc.

@EdgarAllanFoe pour some la croix and grain alcohol down my gullet, gimme some leather to chew on, and by god cut my foot off before it gets gangrenous

I have some god damn confederates to burn.

@EdgarAllanFoe we have an ongoing "shitposting about La Croix" thing at work and I shared the content of your toot with them and they all loved it.

@EdgarAllanFoe I finally had the opportunity to try La Croix a few weeks ago, and now I know what the lack of fuss is about.

Flavoured club soda from Canada Dry tastes better.

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