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honestly with clouds like this I don't know how we get anything done around here

thinking about becoming enthralled

does anyone need a thrall

Come on down to Crazy William's Character Warehouse! We've got princes, we've got faeries, we've got witches, we've got star-cross'd lovers, we've got more kinds of unstable monarchs than you can handle! 

But wait, there's Moors!

officially petitioning authorities to rename November to "Oc2ber" so we can have a second month of spooky stuff before christmas takes over

I didn't say your totally ordinary, completely unremarkable submersible was below average 

I said it was sub standard

I didn't say your dog was fat 

I said he was a little husky

by the time I write it, the posting will be closed

this is my life

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is it a sign of anxiety that I've put off writing a cover letter for a job that I'm totally qualified for

for four fucking days

sending a bunch of notifications about people liking a reply to one of my jokes is honestly one of the most disrespectful things birdsite does

watch Big Bird singing at Jim Henson's funeral and experience a complete emotional destruction

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sometimes I feel like getting real fucking sad and I watch Theodred's funeral from The Two Towers or the adults on Sesame Street explaining to Big Bird that Mr. Hooper died

If Daruk from Breath of the Wild was on mastodon he’d be one of those accounts who comments on every lewd with a good-natured “Hell yeah, brother! Nice hog!” even though he’s straight, because he has to give credit where credit is due

why is steam so thirsty

just update yourself, you don't have to ask my permission every three hours

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