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iri - 「Watashi」 Music Video 【Full ver.】

2017.03.22 Release 1st Single 「Watashi」ミュージックビデオ。 2018.02.28 Release Album『Juice』に収録。 Download&Stream→jvcmusic.lnk.to/juice NikeWomen「わたしに驚け」キャンペーンソン..


Well, it's a rash... 

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Recém chegada aqui, vou aproveitar pra apresentar meus filhotes Seth e Anúbis. Espero aqui poder fazer um exibicionismo maior deles ❤️

Of course, they are handled by different protocols than most browsers support.

The protocols are a controversy due to DRM.

The solution MAY be open source DRM utilizing the blockchain.

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This track is available all over the web.

The thing is... who knows what happens with links in other countries? They can be blocked... or worse the DNS entry could be rerouted to different material altogether.

Magnet links work worldwide

Richie Hawtin: Time Warp


If the corporate world had its way computer hardware would be classified to them and then be illegal to build or disassemble.

Fortunately there are these things called "governments" that keep the world from going into a corporate crisis.

Many of the anti-government anti-corporate street cultures are likely corporately sponsored.

I can see the power of government in the fact that they are who corporations pay taxes to, but a government can cause problems for it's own people too..


On mobile phones we (basic users) need a folder called localhost or htdocs in internal or external SD. Then the web browser needs to be able to browse the folder through a local server that can handle php and mysql.

Can you see why this is helpful?

Even the best connect the dots artists couldn't do it without all these amazing dots. *takesbow 😜

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I see Aikido online. There is a dojo locally. Well, I couldn't afford it. Now I'm a sick and half dead mess.

Aikido needs to be accessable to anybody healthy no matter if they can afford it or not.. This is a way of life and the lack of a way is why people are struggling.

There is always a corporate roadblock in the way of the people.


The combination of Mastodon, Peertube, and Pixelfed can be a global:

1) University
2) Aikido Dojo
3) Culinary Exchange
4) Fashion Exchange
5) Interface for Government and Civilian

Much more flexible than the corporate social networks, although I suppose those corporate networks could be used for these things too..

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Eugen's Altered State post inspired me to dig this up.. did Sega Genesis just have a superior synth?


Without a webserver Android really isn't a worthwhile OS.. There are server stacks, but they have seemed to stop working.

Why would Google of all giants disable the ability to run PHP locally at localhost?

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To me this music sounds more engaging than most. The hypnotic tones build into a meltdown crescendo and continue to evolve :)

Artist: Wanda and Nova deViator
Album: ARP:339

Available for however much you wish to spend


With all this resource one could open a country.

If we started over I hope we would embrace quality organic foods, recycling, and prioritize the environment.

You know... I only have about a 3rd grade education if I consider the way I loved to learn in those early elementary days.. One day I just couldn't anymore and it may have been from too much sugar.

Maybe someone will find this useful..



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