Interpersonal communication..

Get a job!
Is that an offer?
What is the trouble?
Not exactly..

This MMO has only been thought of.. It is . There is a PVP battleground bricked in with a turnstile.

There are overhead item drops crafted by the people outside the gate. Those people are the start of the game where the player makes his character. All players and devs anticipating the day they themselves pass through the turnstile to Valhalla.

You create your character, practice, and level outside until you are ready for endless battle. Outside there are all the resources available

Well, this is called opposite day at the casino, but I wouldn't consider it a major motion picture or anything special. °_°

Is this mode? I'm begging in the street for about $30 daily to spend on beer, tacos, wine, 420, coffee, and the Tobacco.

That is as close to minimal as I get... Although I could let go of a vice or two in favor of home if invited.

Im not as cool as you all, but I can pitch in on the efforts.

This has been a day.

Also today the drummer in this band died.

No joke, a Chelada with Mango and Chili can get me back to chillin when it's burning up out here.

Yo, looking forwardto this thing called The

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Today is like a sweatlodge in my tent.. Even with the cover off and only the bug shield up! 102° F

I'm cooling off with what is possibly the best beverage I've ever tasted!

About to smoke my first Camel Crush Menthol Silver... And listen to Michelle Obama's podcast on Spotify! ☯

I've had an x64 notebook for 2 weeks... It is heavy and I'm still just using a candy bar.

This .txt is a review of the album Prequelle by Ghost.

The file is updated with line breaks and the MD5 is:


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Anyway, here's the most recent song I made and liked.

"Immeasurable Emptiness"

Edward.86 boosted it was only a matter of time. India has been pretty quick to recognize foreign actors attempting to take advantage (like smartly blocking Facebook's predatory attempt to roll out free Facebook-controlled internet access)

IMO this is one of the most important geopolitical moves in human history. Curious to see now the response, if it lasts, long-term impact on Indian social media, what nations follow suit, the extent to which google/apple get caught in the middle, etc.

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