Solarpunk without afrofuturism is just white people with yard gardens,
Sorry not sorry.

@Wewereseeds how does afrofuturism look like?

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@Efi I'm white, so I'd suggest you google afrofuturism, and read the wikipedia and check out the art that's all over the internet. Me giving a brief summary of its aesthetic will not do it justice, because I'm only kinda familiar with the movement myself.

@Wewereseeds I may have confused that avatar with an african flag because I'm very tired
who would I follow here to find more about it?

@Efi yeah, I was afraid of that correllation.
I mean, there are a lot of POC on this platform that are casually afrofuturistic without ascribing to the label, but as for someone on mastodon that you should follow just for afrofuturism? I couldn't tell ya. There's more general solarpunk/afrofuturism on tumblr though, if you're on there.

@Efi well, sorry, all we can do is search the tags and see if any new accounts pop up. In the meantime, there troves of books that are afrofuturistic, both fiction and nonfiction

@Wewereseeds @Efi one place to start is the book Afrofuturism by Ytasha L Womack.

There's also a whole lot of fiction. Check out people/Magazines like:
Fiyah Lit
New World, Old Ways
Phenderson Djeli Clark
Nnedi Okorafor
K. Tempest Bradford
Sofia Samatar
Nk Jemisin
Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Rivers Solomon
Nalo Hopkinson

Not all of these are strictly afrofuturist, but many of them are or they build on afrofuturist foundations

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