girls are cute!!!
(trans girls are included obviously)

More Vent 

I should be able to handle being That Cringey Kid by now yknow I've been like that my whole life and yet I've never stopped wanting to straight kill myself for it
How pathetic is that

Big Ventβ„’ 

I sure do love being mocked for my interests on Tumblr . Com!!!!!!!! Sure do love accidentally drawing more hate towards my biggest special interest and subsequently wishing I had actually drowned when I was a kid because God at least I wouldn't be ruining fucking everything!!!!!

why is 2 am the time of all primordial urges..... what r u doing channeling the creatures of the abyss go to bed

Sand cats are the only cat species that live in true deserts!

The deep sea barreleye fish has a transparent head! Those green orbs you can see inside it are actually its eyes! The eyes generally gaze upwards, but can also be directed forwards.

Leucism is a partial loss of pigmentation! It's different than albinism, which is a complete lack of pigmentation.

insect (weevil) 

Acorn weevils use their long proboscis to drill and burrow into acorns!

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is one of the most extreme environments on earth! It's been nicknamed "the gateway to Hell".

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