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Tumblrs can be pinterests imageboards boards that no one on facebook gets alerted to, so of course I still update them muchly (as opposed to my pinterest board which died the year pinterest went live I think) Until yahoo croaks;

<--last one is the porn one
(it's tumblr after all <3)

Ruminations on own Accomplishment/Capitalism Show more

Ruminations on own Accomplishment/Capitalism Show more

There's just many life lessons you get to be less easily trusting or sympathetic methinks.

Antfarm in a Giant's House Dream Show more

When your favorite person is missing you a lot (too) despite them being in their 2nd favorite place in the world and y'all not being apart for a full week yet

Guardian Animal Maze Dream Show more

Art Preparatory School Dream Show more

Roommate: All Cops Are Bastards
Me: Agreed
Roommate: And the FBI are cops
Me: Conceded
Roommate: Mulder and Scully are Bastards
Me: >:O >:O >:O
*heretical upset squawking!!*

My Turn Ons;
sOCIALISM,,,,,, et al

Do you have any podcasts you are really into now, anyone? I need something to mix into my many, many political casts (mmm crooked.com) or I might become a little too bitter. McElroys are great but anything else in their orbit or beyond? Fact talk, queer talk, art talk, living talk; anything's good!

(Oh Ragnarok is out on DVD later this month awwwwww yis. Well, still ought plan to see Black Panther then woopwoop.)

Saw "Shape of Water" for the third time, and I really know I need to see other movies that are out, Thor Ragnarok notably? But emotion and adoration WINNING over pointless competition and people trying to impress... mmm I need it. The quiet fish love is HEALING.
It's terrible to wish you were handicapped in any ways but I recall wishing I was mute MUCHLY when I was younger. I wanted a reason not to answer, to ignore, to focus myself so keenly somewhere else. Not a considerate wish, but was true.

Stock Market Schadenfreude Show more

*has the house alone to themselves for the first time in half a year, and for two weeks* :O

...*immediately invites over a friend who can telework-from-home for the first week* :B

I'm afraid I'd sleep too much without company otherwise! Inspired by puppy's behaviours and the sprinkling of snow again lol

Anyhoo my pup slept curled next to me on the futon all night and didn't wet the comforter at ALL so I'm gonna spoil her all day for being well-behaved/a better health senior self~

Know I'm a weirdo but I still wish I could have built a beetle box bone cleaning contraption for dead animals in our tiny yard, except the kids next door run through the space way too much. Roomie scolded me too much anyways. Might put next unfortunate creature just on the other hillside of our back fence though.

I like where we live 'cuz there's no way it could be haunted -- if I saw a ghost I'd be like "you're just one block over too far the graveyard is RIGHT THERE wispyfolk" mm mmm.

Over the weekend there was a deceased raccoon who'd been hit by a car on the sidewalk and I, while wearing GLOVES, picked up its mostly frozen body and hoisted it over the cemetery fence saying a kind of prayer for it. Raccoons mean TOO MUCH to me, but like I argued to roomie, 'woulda done the same it was a cat or a dog. Pedestrian side not nice; cemetery side appropriate + used to dealing with wildlife.
Also collected purple deicing salts and sprinkled em on our front stoop. Rituals.WEATHER >:C

Does this exist for the Google cloud? I hate the cloud, I refuse the cloud. I don't need things accessible only when online/near wifi. I don't trust Google for all Docs I won't trust it for all img. Do you know how annoying it is for artsfolk or editing that iOS doesn't save individual image files but shoves them into one PHOTOS app that nothing else can read or export from unless you basically e-mail the images to yourself? It's bad. I hate, so much.

**Thirty-something enby yells at Cloud**

An APP I'd adore;
Image sorting program for directories that connected to the internet and could use Google's reverse-image source recognition algorithms to a) rename the file something very relevant b) add even more metadata and tags to it for easy future finding and categorization in sub folders. Good for if you horde images like me or for better use of personal reaction pics etc. I have. So many imgs. Too many. Lots of lost art that may not exist anywhere but the wayback machine either!

Haven’t shared her photo here yet and that’s criminal! My shiba inu Morro, who is 13.5 years old and I got her in Atlanta as a puppy when I first started Art School.
I love her very, VERY, very very much (more than that even)