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Tumblrs can be pinterests imageboards boards that no one on facebook gets alerted to, so of course I still update them muchly (as opposed to my pinterest board which died the year pinterest went live I think) Until yahoo croaks;

<--last one is the porn one
(it's tumblr after all <3)

(THINKING BACK it's probably cuz she took a whole thickass treat-filled rice bone upstairs days ago and ate/was eating that thing instead. D'oheth)

@skolli help me be a calm cool kitty not-shaky-baby-deer, dear?
Arfs at you.

Putting some cheese in her bowl seems to help bring her attention to the other wet food that's in there, actually. Hmmm hmmm! Princess pooch.

Puppy has barely eaten in two days and keeps opting to drink water from the bucket behind the AC unit instead of from her bowl. Not giving her most of her meds until she's eating more again since they're supposed to be taken with food. Don't think she's too sick cuz she's not acting TOO differently, just sleeping most of the day and her nose a little dry? Might take her to the vet next week if she's still got a poor appetite when I come back from Buffalo family trip this weekend. Stay ok baby.

Determined to go to one of the NIN concerts this year, either in DC or Chicago! Whichever city I can find two resale tickets from cheapest, since I can't be there in person to buy them tomorrow. It's been over ten yeeeears since I last saw Reznorshow. In 2005 he had QOTSA as an opener which was so very stellar, Josh Homme is SUCH a showman. I had a ticket for a 2008 show but bailed because I decided I didn't want to make the journey to IL alone. Roomie coming along this time though mwahaha 🤘

If you don't like something, especially only via a cursory look; that's opinion, shallow, and anyone else can come to their own. You have nothing else to add. Defending 'things should remain as they were before' is not a good essay to write. Being a fan doesn't give you IP ownership. There is nothing problematic with new approaches or appealing to different audiences. Go watch your oldschool series and take a nap.
Don't tempt me again to be a Media literacy teacher or Master's in CritTheory augh

Someone from my very distant past telegrammed me to defend their stance on hating the new Thundercats reboot look, and I.
I can not stop screaming.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I don't CARE I don't CARE no one CARES you entitled old fuuuuuuck 😩

First thought this weekend when hearing about the royal wedding was "...but I thought they just had their second baby, dang."
Two, there's TWO white royal white boys. W Windsor and H Windsor. I lived in Regents Park London for 4 months and I forget this. Otherwise it's neat but I wish any Royal family pretenders from other countries mattered in our media as much. Just curious about em!

Realizing the Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of the few AIs still running and enrolling new students, wishing that meant this city had more people trying to table at the small comic conventions they have or more career-driven resources for art freelancing in this city. A render-focused Computer lab for postgrads, anything. Really there should be a better Art School here, but I guess it started independently and was the first AI and kind of got the ball rolling on the AI scheme. HMMS a lot.

If anyone has tips for helping a loved one not feel tugged down by a hopeless downward spiral I’d appreciate it (nooo involving authorities rn would make it SO much worse.) Right now being selfish, like telling her to do things for my sake and distracting her with funny bs/entertainment have been my go-tos? Taking her to the pharmacy and apothecary later to find herbal antidepressant solutions she’s liked before. Danke.

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Persona5 anime became emphatically better with today's episode now that Yusuke is part of it, just like the video game does. I'd say it's because Madarame is a cooler villain than Kamoshida but that's not really it. Sorry not sorry I really love that gawky Inari boy. 🦊

"Rachel has the night off--" nnnOPE instantly turns off Maddow cuz I need my news delivered Gayly or not at all. Listens to this week's Jon Lovett twice? Yes, this will do.

Likely gonna camp with the older brother in Allegheny Forest too before or after birthday, since he loves going there every year with his doggo. Old growth on the East Coast wah!! Looking forward to it, even if he's gonna hunt half the time like a boyman.

Used to wonder when I lived north of PA why Pittsburgh could seem almost sub-tropical come summer, but after experiencing these May thunderstorms and seeing the forecast of the next week 🌩 , I no longer wonder that much;;;
Foothill valley of mountain range helps too I reckon! 🌄

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I just learned about Korean Pokémon names and it's killing me

(via hantype.co/pokemon-korean/)

But seriously, I'm very thankful the goth roomie finally joined me for a walk in the nearby Cemetery after being here 9 months; it may be hilly but it's truly beautiful! Had white blossoms from trees falling all over and around me like an anime, woo.

Inside a Catholic mausoleum after finding out Catholicism is all the fashion rage right now because of this year’s

Two kinda random spreads of studies from my Daiso book; Dakimakura pillow pose studies, then Anthills and Grasshopper studies. Used red BiC ballpoint and a pink Papermate Flair. Great little album for studies indeedy!