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Tumblrs can be pinterests imageboards boards that no one on facebook gets alerted to, so of course I still update them muchly (as opposed to my pinterest board which died the year pinterest went live I think) Until yahoo croaks;
<--last one is the porn one
(it's tumblr after all <3)

CW Pet death 

This is the first time I’m posting about it “publicly” but my best buddy/ shiba Morro passed on January 16th, so about two weeks ago
Only now can I mention it without sobbing

She was 16 and a half, but I still blame myself for her decline. She had a large urinary stone for years I didn’t trust she’d survive them removing via operation
So I feel guilty despite loving her very hard all her little life
Here’s one of the nice last photos of her
Hug your pets for me today thankyou

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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

plus eric kripke being involved in a scene where 3 Superwomen beatdown the nazi all at the same time? SPN KRIPKE. SPN KNOWN TO BE TERRIBLE WITH WOMEN CHARACTERS AND USE ONLY ONE AT A TIME FOR IMPACT?
I was thrilllllled

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Don't like amazon, I just like media with messaging people haven't been flooded with yet reaching popularity with any masses ahhhh. Like it's something I could talk about or reference with my not-very-online brothers.

Homelander = Superman decontrusted
Butcher = Punisher if offered real redemption arc

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'The Boys' is worth watching/supporting 

Seeing WAY too many white boy takes how the Boys is rehashed antihero cape ground so nothing to be impressed by; but where were they when Umbrella Academy and every other superhero rehash was applauded. Only the pilot episode of Watchmen said anything significant about our world, imho. Each Boys episode at least goes somewhere in its parallels.
sorry but I'd like MORE antifascist kind of cape entertainment atm, not less. Fuck yes 2 cakes. 3 cakes. 10 CAKES!

Helping a twitter mutual I haven't really seen for 20 years to go from 'there's no winning side in this argument' re:Harper's Letter to 'ok actually we NEED to do something to curb hate speech' in 24hrs so, that feels, worth it
disc horse discourse discuss duhcourse

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Lotta fuckers who constantly live the life of talking figureheads just put together an essay to the World complaining their free speech is under threat
Uhhhhhhhhh huh
self reflection must be real hard if you live on top of a soapbox all the time I guess

media meals today; Hannah Gadbsy's "Douglas" on netflix, Marc Maron's re-run first meeting wtf! with Lynn Shelton his lamentably recently deceased girlfriend (was filmmaker from Seattle who directed on Mad Men/ Glow!/ the Good Place etc btw)
drinking these have been good for me right now, mmmmm that is all

it's super small but my favorite april fool's joke so far is the RaccoonEveryHr twitter becoming Tanuki every hour posting raccoon dog pics

whEN YOUR BOYFRIEND CALLS YOU SO GAY and in a veRY fURRY WAy hhnnghhh flusters head first into a wall

Media review: I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS 

is HECKA PITTSBURGHY, succinct, unusual, and gotten me the most interested in Charles Forsman's graphic novel work than I've ever been understanding he also did THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD; each time Netflix has changed the ending from the way the comic did, and, wowie zowie the difference between cinema/ comica. Thankful for the changes and agree probing continuation works better for the small screen while impactful endings are ideal for self contained GNs

Aw yay a new season of Ugly Delicious I love David Chang he reminds me of my Houston bear boyfriend wonder what he'll be cooking this season--*first episode is about him having a baby and my ovaries start screaming at their loudest decibel*
aaAJGDJGJFHFKKok Castlevania it is

pumped to drag my two roommates to the Pennsylvania primary in 55 days yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Feeling uncomfortably lovesick rn after being out of Texas for barely over a day, oh no oh fuck ah hell puss vinegars and dip

soniku spoilers 

this mobian electric fox entirely approves of new magical Sonic powers of being a source of energy / electric lightning powerses cuz yes. it felt like super sonic was within canon possibilities that way.

love the Rings being portals GOOD JOB

but UH I wanna know about Sonic's Owl mom a lot now?! I PREFER THIS. She ref to Sonic OVA Owl doc?


sonic movie game when 👀

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Oh no I’m gonna see the Sonic movie way too many times aren’t I

Wetting the bed via extreme night sweats has me feeling like a decades old toddler who just pees with their entire body

Costco has been wonderful for fruit, juice, cheeses and poultry but dang if im not,, gettin a lil chub for it weh

and going on a cross country roadtrip in about 2 days an it'll be hard seeing it so warm/ sunny in other places and not stopping to run around in that T^T

frustrated bear sounds

@Eisbar ok lookit this wee scaly SNOOT TROUPE tho, Tsuchinoko and TeddyGator and the STRAWBERRY DRAGGY Im ded

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