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Tumblrs can be pinterests imageboards boards that no one on facebook gets alerted to, so of course I still update them muchly (as opposed to my pinterest board which died the year pinterest went live I think) Until yahoo croaks;

<--last one is the porn one
(it's tumblr after all <3)

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Ah I’m so upset about the fee changes Patreon’s tacking on tomorrow! It’s so exploitative to charge patrons a processing fee PER PLEDGE. That makes supporting 1 creator cheaper than supporting several at once! And what’s the point of having customer service when they just copy/paste the same non-answer every time??

I’m so conflicted. Do I delete $1 pledges since they just aren’t worth charging that much for? Do I re-structure tiers to reflect the fees which screws everyone?

Are they trying to discourage artists from supporting other artists as seemed to be the popular trend?
ll this seems to do is help promote ko-fi as the popular tip jar and for Patreon for absolutely exclusive content, but there's still content scrapers and people who will charge then cancel once they see the content. I have to wonder why they thought this was a good move, with individual freelance taxes/costs soon to rise.

Pretty upset about planned Patreon changes, being only a pledger and not yet an artist with a project to pledge to (was gonna hold launch for the new year)!! Now hoping d.rip is available sooner than later :C
On Patreon there was 6 artists I felt great giving $12 a year and 3 $24 a year/1 and 2 dollar pledges respectively. So nine people! I only had two people I'd give $5 to monthly, and four $3. When changes go through on the 18th I'll likely $upport less than half those I do now :/ Wryyyy

Nonbinaryish Realization: I feel like I can only hold make-up on my face for up to 2-3hrs max, so for one beginning of a fancy event, otherwise I'm like, crying rubbing my eyes or smacking smearing my lipstick and it's always too much conscious performance knowing bullshit is on my frontheadpart to deal with. What's better, some makeup that's badly done and mussed or no makeup; mmmmnomakeup always and forever thank you kindly

ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMPY: Nintendo plz don't keep having your villagers saying they'll be references for me it is becoming too tempting to trust your Deers over real people I know I'm gonna end up telling LinkedIn I'm a real diligent app pusher just ask Fauna

ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMPY: Heck yeeeeeeah new villagers were released! Though no sign of Mitzi, Vesta or Marshal yet, maybe twitter's ACPocketNews account was just polling for choices orrr they'll be set loose in waves?
Also, I never have enough Friends on there to do Shovelstrike Quarry without leaf tickets! If you play feel free to add me!!! 💫
I play at least twice a day (more like 6) eep ID 59065425011

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The beginning of a series "Furry Faeries", a kindof fantastical furry twist on the bug world. What's #furry for but helping beasts seem more appealing, right?
Graphite and Paint Tool Sai, to eventually be finished as traditional real-media paintings. #moths #firefly #caterpillar #butterfly :3

mastodon.art/media/-Ng1JKsWRqb mastodon.art/media/HRrVLyvNtpS mastodon.art/media/_VrrczAGNrG mastodon.art/media/FJM-PkVeGNf

Smart dream from few nights ago was about a Cooking show I accidentally became part of that incorporated Dumpster-diving finds into reclaimable edible ready-to-serve meals; by smoking, purposely burning, pickling, centrifugally-dissolving or re-baking the ingredients found. It was really interesting to be part of and I gotta wonder if anything like that could theoretically work, to preserve surplus foodstuffs for others. At one point I made pizza with ants, an entomophagy embraced scenerio.

Dream: Was doing hang-gliding with cousins down an impossibly long Scottish mountainrange which only oh-so gradually descended with old white brick hallways built into bluffs among woodlands the entire way down. The glide-pathway went through some of the building, they were filled with fabrics, stage-crew tools and schoolwork. I stopped halfway through my plunge to get lost in these modern ruins, finding eternal pagan Drama students and joining their sort to put on Druidic plays for the trees.

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MMMmMMm MEDIA ABOUT MEDIA my favorite flavor omnomnom

'Latest 99% Invisible ep "A 700-foot Mountain of Whipped Cream" is both like an epilogue for the series Mad Men and a lesson for all Podcasters who might record their own Commercials ought hear. It goes over delivery of verbal marketing & ad counterculture spawned by the Beatles. Piqued my interest because Clive Desmond grew up between m'home of Buffalo/Toronto thus could pick up all the radio ads aired from either place. Note to self that I gotta look into "The Organist" program from KCRW hmm.

ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMPY: Nintendo's trained me to pause what I'm doing and check the app every 3 hrs. I am almost out of stretch goals and do NOT understand how people keep affording K.K. Slider through MyNintendo I only got 1/5th of required leaf tickets that way.

Campers love the faucet and knocking on the portapotty. Soon I will destroy my cute Amenities again and again to max out new villagers' friendship. I am stuck in an adorable purgatory and miss the smell of real campfire smoke.

Gottttta admit that Jessica keeps reminding me in tone and voice like an *abnormally composed* Spike C Trotman (ironspike here and birdsite) just with showbiz sense instead of graphic novel experience. Both are writey and importante. It just makes me intrinsically enjoy the podcast more and trust the directions they'll end up going.

Its 8th episode airing Thursday, relatively new podcast "Whiting Wongs" is a tolerably politically incorrect but honest discussion about diversity & writing diversity in show business between Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao (danharmon and chairmangao on blue birdsite).
It's just categorically something I'd like to make my conservative Rick & Morty fanatic brother listen to, in efforts to break his "I'm becoming so oppressed in media" arguments. It's good authentic dialogue of adverse frustrations.

There's so much to learn from its execution. How to Animate with Reality assets sure, but there's been contention between vfx and animation circles that motion graphics is somehow "lesser than" either but I feel this is a good argument how it's very much the overall merger of those filmatic methods of storytelling. Be inventive with use and the feelings will paint themselves into the picture.
Also it's wonderfully anti-Capitalist in message which is just, DINGDINGDING hits my button🏁

Finally saw SPEED RACER (2008) by the Wachowskis since it's available on A*zn Prime. I've heard it hailed as a pioneer of Mograph application since starting professional study of it, but dizzzzyamn. Beyond Baz Luhrmann's moxie. Embracing reality as a saturated cartoon is an understatement. The profile-wipes, mock anime, speed-lines of falling snow, bokeh backgrounds, s'all astonishing.
At 1:07:01 to 1:07:07 the tilted collage of mountainous layers for a progressive pull back made me squeal??

'Know the original photo reads "Art" instead of Anime but this is so much closer to how I feel :333 mastodon.social/media/v3AiRdmb

Watching anime to know your heart can still be wholly moved and experience vast wonderous sensations 💖
When your present life has rolled most current feelings into a strange mud you trudge day by day through 🚬

@skolli gonna press those rubber boots on you when you sleepin

assert good dreams into you