Just need to complain somewhere how terribly bad the updates to Apple’s default iOS news app have been since after Christmas. Since trying to disguise changes as ‘end of year highlights’ really

No tab for looking at stories you’ve read, or saved anymore. Why have the swipe options THERE then? And there’s no SEARCH BAR anymore so I can’t look up news about a topic and am only forced to go through the feed.
Thank shit I blocked Fox News long ago
Android are you better yet I really hate this


@Eisbar ok it’s still there you just have to go the ‘channels’ tab and scroll up for a search bar or allll the way down for history and saved articles
Terrible design choice and not good what it says about the future of the app but at least I could find that article about specific ways to rub a tummy for better digestion. I needed a method for my madness😷

(I mostly wanted to follow news about CES 2019 right now too, new consumer tech riles me up soooo much yay)

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