Honestly wonder if the increased rampant TERF-mindset or transmisogynist tendencies in British mainstream mouthpieces is due largely in part to Monty Python’s boorish portrayal of their women characters. In contrast, take the 1990s feminine characters defined by the Canadian group Kids in the Hall plus their range of ages & embodying their roles with the opportunity a flipped sexist perspective could extend their comedic relatability. Comedy molds empathy. In this essay I will—


SO!!! I couldn't stop thinking about this!!! TERF mindset has been a virus-like export from the UK in the past 20 years!!! And this article has SOME explanations behind it, basically stating it's skeptical blowhards that make 'skeptical blowhard' their career, and a Mom forum where ignorant fear-mongering straw man fallacies got amplified around in their echo chamber until it leaked out; theoutline.com/post/6536/briti

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But honestly other pisspoor mentalities had to be simmering for it to build up to that shit by 2000ish, and I fell down wikipedia and news article holes trying to read between the lines if the UK's "Women's National Commission" set up in 1969 lent to the divisive mentalities. Obfuscating sex and gender PARTICULARLY by the *Whitest* people who excel at tooooo much bureaucracy on an island nation.
It's bad and I want to fight it effectively dammit.

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