Too much of a human rights crisis to put behind a cw, so apologies.
It doesn't matter which states are doing it, when it comes to overturning Roe v Wade states are dominoes to get to the federal level.

It's NOT about Religion, it's NOT about ignorance of science.
Religion and misunderstanding of the human body are their cheerleaders.
It is a way for the GOP to stay in power and corrupt any democracy left. The fear of whites becoming a minority terrifies and disgusts them.

They FEEL their bigotry is righteous and just. Pair that with remembering 'empathy' is a blue left-leaning SJW term, has been for a decade.
Toooooo many times have I had a Country Club Conservative Adult tirade to me about the dread and horror reading that whites in the USA *will* be outnumbered in the future.
You know that Climate Change world ending panic WE have? They have that, for THIS topic.

Locking up a young non-white girl or mother, families WILL fall apart. Possibly whole communities

Listen, I was adopted. WHITE babies especially without special needs are a demanded commodity in the adoption market. Everyone else more LIKELY get funneled into government Foster Care.
And "giving it up for adoption" is only possible when being pregnant for 9 months won't destroy the parent's life. You are in a fragile medical condition for almost a year. And the likelihood of miscarriage if suffering too much stress; now you'll be prosecuted for killing it! What a catch 22 for NON-WHITES


Sure I'll reiterate to all young artists I can, to not apply to SCAD if Georgia is a state that keeps pulling this. Get your ass to California from the beginning anyways, honestly.

But it isn't about a bunch of cells. Nor about Christianity. It's about DESTROYING non-white families and communities, finding a reason to imprison another half of their populace. It's about no more Obamas.
White women being more controlled/subservient is a patriarchy bonus as they try to make America a plutocracy.

As someone who has had a miscarriage and was told they run in my biological family, I can tell my legal parents I won't ever entertain the thought of reproducing while shit's this bad. Cuz I can't! It's too terrifying. Despite the lack of personal desire for it anyways, the possibility and what it COULD entail has become grotesque.

But like pot and guns, whites will be forgiven or find ways around the laws. They'll be humanized while the rest are 'welfare parasites'.
It's racial/class warfare.

SO if you're in the USA & might partake in sex that could result in pregnancy; stock up a bit on Plan B. The pills are usable for 4 years. Do it for yourself, your future partners, or so you can give them to friends in need. I've read getting an IUD if you have a uterus is a good contraceptive choice because it can work over 10 years.
But please volunteer, donate or support your local PPH and abortion providers. Personally I know Pittsburgh is an important nexus of that for many in the Midwest.

oops PPH* == Planned Parenthood

Plus just support Sex Education!! Continuously through life! Everywhere! Always! By everyone! More thoroughly!

In upstate New York we started coed sexual education by 5th grade and I'm eternally SO thankful for it ⚕️

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