Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

If there’s one concept about current Pokémon I love other than the fact its (online) post-game can be much longer than the main game it’s the idea of creating a “living” Pokédex. Cuz you might think it’s a misnomer but honestly, by having one+ of each Pokémon technically available per generation with the knowledge you’re holding onto tiny chunks of code— you truly are keeping living reproducing changeable bits alive on your game.
And I think that’s beautiful 🐣

Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

@Eisbar *absolutely takes any and all Pokémon in my boxes that are only Good or OK IV ratings which I’m not emotionally attached to either up for Wonder trade or released into the pseudo-wilds, resulting in halving my horde*
Im like a wildlife researcher just tagging and freeing critters for cataloging purposes and, listen
Battle Tower is hard as beans

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Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

Preeeeeetty sure I played both XY & SunMoon almost 200hrs each as well but now that there’s real life eSporty competitive reasons to be strategically good at Versus battling with types and movesets immmm having trouble not being addicted ach
Less of a headache than Pokémon Go battles are at the moment currently!! Hahaha neither of those games in their main quests properly prepare you for the tactics gamers use against each other eek

*researching Trick Room teams*...🤹‍♀️

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@Eisbar honestly tho how can you nOT get jazzed every time you’re in the Battle Tower when Toby Fox made the Theme for it and it’s so rousing and in general such a banger 🎶⚔️🛡

Battle for Tobytunes
Smart move Nimtendie

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