Might do somethin’ nuts and join reddit days before the year 2020 cuz I want to do Pokémon Sword nerd things like trade for shinies and discuss Battle Stadium strategies
Heck in 2018 I finally joined discord to talk to local PoGo players; digital kreature herding drags out socializing needs of me 💦

Pokémon never ends 

Welp Pokemon SWSH is officially the generation that got me into doin' pkmn OL battling competitively. Bless Smogon University for keeping me from relying on reddit but uhhh DANG I've wanted something like this.
Like Magic the Gathering but 'only' a few hundred cards, really just a viable hundred at a time with a ways to modify your teams and make YOUR mon better than another of the same mon. And not nearly as expensive or everchanging as MtG
Still kinda nutsss but, lovit atm

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