Giphy should hire me 

Sometimes there’s companies I love and use far more than a normal user and wish that would translate into job get if I wasn’t so socially awkward andor seen AFAB.
Like Niantic is creating AR Glasses which gets me SO STOKED about Dennō Coil possibilities or how they could make next ‘lasertag’ franchise but AR playgrounds in old office parks!
My many gatekeepery Niantic interviews soured me tho
And giphy!! I use SO MUCH cuz so few apps have reaction stickers + yum consistency

Giphy should rly hire me 

@Eisbar Giphy has issues I’d love to help fix to become more reliable but how does my critique help endear that? They have a superb service I’d love to help make perfect; ASIDE from slowly re-sourcing thousands of gifs swiped from tumblr and misattributed — better keyword tagging of images for searches, ability to follow creators or tags, encouraging more original content from mograph makers? Compression tutorials?
Fears it will perish if seen mostly as a content scraper

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Giphy should rly hire me 

A bug I’m sure they’re working on is how Giphy keyboard will nest in its own app if you had Giphy kb open in another app looking for an image then open the Giphy app. Get Giphy app to default Out of two search bars with no normal character input methods.
But problems I previously listed are tedious ocd organizing which I LOVE. Digital Marie Kondo, me
ONE day my degree in what I’m super passionate about but don’t practice enough (Motion Media Design) will be of use.. 💪

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