CW Pet death 

This is the first time I’m posting about it “publicly” but my best buddy/ shiba Morro passed on January 16th, so about two weeks ago
Only now can I mention it without sobbing

She was 16 and a half, but I still blame myself for her decline. She had a large urinary stone for years I didn’t trust she’d survive them removing via operation
So I feel guilty despite loving her very hard all her little life
Here’s one of the nice last photos of her
Hug your pets for me today thankyou

@Eisbar ok lookit this wee scaly SNOOT TROUPE tho, Tsuchinoko and TeddyGator and the STRAWBERRY DRAGGY Im ded

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Animal Cross CrissCrossing 

Pocket Camp welcoming 2020 by hoping we won’t abandon it when Actual Animal Crossing hits is precious because bye bitch there’s a new horizon a-comin’ 👋🏝

Me vs Me if I moved back somewhere I could exercise outside 365 days a year



Gotta figure out the 12(!!!) belts that came with it, reinforce some stitching and hem the pants
BUT I'm rly rly excited
to be Lio Promare

And these pants!!!
Are SO zippery bondage hotness
Def gonna wear em out casually

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farmers of kiwis farmed ME? 

@Eisbar Frames this response
Bless this mess (me im mess)

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Strawberry Shiba Warrior 

Tries not to download many games on my iOS devices cuz I use them for productivity things so much but, tHIS, is hitting a lot of my “intrigued” buttons... 🐕🍓

PGH Haunted Haus Checklist 

Queer Christmas is really damn good around Pittsburgh and I’m just putting this list from FB here so I don’t forget to drag the roomie to half of these & my own ass to phantom fright night at Kennywood ASAP 🎃

CRICKET CAGES thru the ages! 

Was looking up Antique & Victorian Cricket Cages and wow the aesthetic we're missing out on today!!!!

Current/educational cages and catchers on the RIGHT in mostly yellow and green

I'd like to see.... a resurgence in bug furnitures please 🦗 📻

(would put this on industrino but I don't update tumblr these days)

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Pocket Camp Seasons 

Bemoans that this morning in game it started changing from Summer to Fall complete with a leaf gardening event from cutie skunk Kicks bUT I had *just* changed my campground from cherry blossoms to beach fireworks and,
I wish,
Autumn was October 1st until December 20th sometimes 😭

At least I knows school kids feel my pain rn

My Bedroom at age 14 

Year on photo is behind by 5 cuz ThatWasTech but yeah
Puts me in happy mindspace to remember my bedroom was 20 years ago. Aliens and X-Files and Anime and lotsa art from friends everywhere... and the window I'd often climb out of onto the garage roof and stare at stars from *v* sigh~

Other people playing Pocket Camp: yay I can wear my favorite cute Sanrio character!!
Me: the ONLY ONE I’ve seen wearing the Bad Badtz Maru tee that cost 60 leaf tickets
And I will wear it til the app rots

@Eisbar has gotten ridiculous though, look at this map, lOOK AT IT. I haven’t even started any Happy Homeroom lessons and I’m not sure I have the patience to frankly

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Binged all current four seasons of now I have a problem and it is the ship named Nygmobblepot.

@Eisbar @Eisbar seriously though, does Nintendo have my number or *what*. “Oh you don’t ever NEED to buy every single cookie that comes out” sez me /Splatoon2 cookies come out “well fuck me AND all my leaf tickets” plus gotta get all duplicate Splatoon fishing prizes I can. Then having to pay this week for Switch Online to keep playing Splatoon? FINE. TAKE MY CASH NIN TENDER. SHOWER ME IN YOUR SQUID FILTH. 🦑🐙

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Quick testing of some new procreate brushes I got on sketches of a few o' my outfits this summah!

Pokémon Go Discord meetup sushi 

This was on Tuesday, good good times and I MUST remember Yokoso has half off special sushis on Tuesdays cuz gads so gooood. This steel valley group is pretty nice :>

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